Saturday, September 28, 2013


David the Lizard 

Judah was very proud of himself to be able to catch a lizard all by himself! :)
David was such a cute, baby lizard!
David the Lizard enjoyed a short overnight stay and then was release the next day...  Judah is pretty sure he found his Mommy. :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jordan's Birthday

Today is Jordan's 18th Birthday!  

We considered the idea of skipping because it is so busy studying for the National Bible Bee...  just kidding!

Jordan is a fine young man with a zeal and love for the Lord.  He also has almost 2,000 Bible verses memorized... which is quite impressive!

Enjoy these snapshots from Jordan's life and be sure to comment at the end of the post.

Jordan is a fantastic pianist.

We've always enjoyed singing together... thankfully we have got much better over the years!

And it's a good thing we have a male voice to sing all the guy parts.

Inthide Voithes!!!!
(Inside family joke.)

I still don't understand why we didn't leave him in there...........

Jordan likes to make sure his clothes look classy.  

...well, unless it's a joke.
He said once, "You can tell a guy by his tie!"  Wow, he was right!

Jordan trying to impress his sisters...

And here's "Mac" the Cowboy.


A screenshot from one of our movies where Jordan played a Russian.

Then there was that time the creature from outer space came to play the piano...

Jordan meeting Ray Comfort.

Look out!!!

A trio of very young spies.

Each year in honer of the Irish Christmas, Jordan cooks us a special Irish meal!

Movie time!

And for some past pictures...
A church skit we did years ago...
Yes, you guessed it.  Tevye, Golda and family with the fiddler on the lose!

Well, who is this cute soldier?

Renaissance costumes!

Another skit we did...  This one was about Paul (Jordan), Silas (Eden), Me (the Philipian jailer), and Shiloh (the Narrator).

The family in costume!

Happy 18th Birthday, Jordan!  We love you lots and are thankful for the blessing you are to our family!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Judah's 7th Birthday!!!

Seven years ago, Judah Philip was born right in our parent's bedroom!  We all adore Judah and it's really hard not to spoil him.  The Lord has blessed Judah with such a sweet spirit... he is a special little boy!

And he's seven now?!  No way!

If I remember correctly, Judah got into ink or something and since I caught him purple-handed, I had to snap a picture of it.

Judah and a pal.

The Irish Lad!  
Judah is very proud of his Scotch/Irish history so it is not uncommon to find him Irish Dancing or wearing a kilt. 

There's a smile to light up the room!

An assault vacuum.  Look out dust!

Cute Boy!

All dressed up like John Calvin.

This is when Judah was a ring-bearer in Auntie Kaggy's wedding.

Hey, I think he will make a great violinist!

He is definitely a comedian...

Judah drew some turkeys!

We are very thankful to the Lord for watching over Judah with his heart defect and all...  We know that Judah has a big heart for Jesus.

Judah with the Lion of Judah shield and the whole family.

We love you, Judah!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy 7th Birthday to our Cute Boy!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2013 Local Bible Bee

At the end of August all the hard work and studying paid off!  Both Jordan and Eden dedicated their Summer to studying 1st John and memorizes Bible verses.  Our whole family came together to support them as well as help out at the local Bee.

Yes, it was an early morning.  
Jordan and Eden squeeze in that last bit of study time on the way over.

Like I said, it was an early morning... hence the last minute hairdos!

Kara, Eden, and Jordan talking before the competition.

Setting up...

Judah and a puppy pupet!


The the competition begin!

Some of the Juniors and Seniors.
(They didn't look super excited, don't ask me why!)

Crafts for the little ones!

While I wasn't judging, I was studying for my CLEP test.

Red balloon for the Seniors...

Blue for the Juniors...

And yellow for the Primaries!

I was a Contestant Judge and that meant I had to be on time... and the only clock in the room...
Oh, never mind!

Red shirts?  Yep, they're Seniors.

I was on a little break, so I took it as a chance to smile my Cute Boy!

Mr. S. makes the announcements.

A big congratulations to both Jordan and Eden!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan placed 2nd at Locals and qualified 34th for Nationals

Eden placed 3rd at Locals.

We are very proud of them both!

My judging partner, Ellie.

Somehow Shiloh managed to avoid the camera (she was a Recording Judge and judged two rounds), so here she is after we got home.

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