Thursday, November 17, 2016

Poor Neglected Blog!!

This poor blog has been long neglected since we've been so incredibly busy!  Hopefully we'll get around to sharing a little more here soon....  in the mean time here's a picture to hold you over-- can you guess where Judah and Shiloh are in the picture?  :) :) :)

Until next time!!  :)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nutcracker Professional Pictures

Thanks to the ballet company's photographer, we have some really great performance shots to share!
All pictures are credited to Kelsey Rutis Photography.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Nutcracker Backstage

Ah, the fun we have backstage!  This post is pretty much a full recap of a behind the scenes look at our Nutcracker performances.  I hope to do one last post with some professional picture... because I can't take pictures on stage.  Well, I can... as long as the curtain is down! 

 Theatre warm up time!

 Dress Rehearsal was great.  Just getting a feel for things and preparing for the shows.

 Greeting Drosselmeyer!

So, what happens when you put 13 girls in one tiny little dressing room?  You have a recipe for hilarity!  And believe me, we made the best of it. 

This was the best idea ever.  We filled three pages!

 These girls are too much fun!

 Love these little Minions!  They are so funny.  :) 

 Never a dull moment! 

 My favorite picture of us Seniors in our dressing room.  Love these girls!

 Selfie time with the roomies!

 Palace Maidens caught in a heap of tulle!
Pretty girls and pretty costumes! 

And so it begins.  First Act drama here we come!

Things are going great and we're happy!

 Cheesy dressing room selfie.

 Finished dress rehearsal!  Now to catch a wink of sleep before our three shows!

No comment needed.

 Enough said.  
Let the shows begin!

Stahlbaum family photo.

 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

 Madison as the lovely Dew Drop Fairy!

 Loved watching Sam and Clare in Arabian!

 Ashlyn was one of our Sugar Plums.  She was beautiful!  And she's the sweetest and kindest person you'll ever meet.

First show done!

 Pretty girls!!!

 When the energy level is skyrocketing right before a performance, you know it's gonna be good!

 Ready to roll!

 Secret Santa... Super Secret Santa Surprise... in between shows.

Last moment with one my Clara daughters before the show!

Spanish Sass! 

Telling Tall Tales.

 Hanging backstage in between parts!

The lights!

Megan was gorgeous as Sugar Plum for one of our shows.  Tall Megan and I sure do well with sarcasm and height humor!

The Queen of all Mouse Queens!

Teacher Maricar!!!  Our fearless leader!  She is the director of Northwest Classical Ballet and is an amazing mentor!  Love her so much.

And then came our final show... Yes, it was very sad to close, but we gave it all for our last performance and it was fantastic!

 When it's two minutes before the show starts and every picture I take gets photobombed!

The rich people.  Also Lillie.

Photobombed by the beautiful Johanna!

 Lillie!!!  She's the best!

 Alexis and I getting into character for First Act. 

Saying goodbye to Mrs. Stahlbaum.  :(

 Eden and I getting ready to waltz with the flowers!

 Dew Drop Fairy and Flowers go together.

Intermission for the audience.  Selfies for the roomies.

Jillian showing me how the splits are done!

Waltz of the Flowers here we go!

 Savannah, my dressing room buddy with the best sense of humor! Since we weren't in Apotheosis, we would hang out together while I was getting ready for my last scene. She sure liked to tease me about my jammies.  :D 

Some shots from Waltz of the Flowers.  Maybe you can pick us out!  If not, you'll just have to take my word for it and believe me when I'm saying that we were dancing there.

 Jordan and Jackson getting ready to tear up the stage in the Russian dance!

 Eden prepping for Chinese.

Goodnight, Mrs. Stahlbaum.

 Love this shot of Daddy as Drosselmeyer with Clara.

 Putting my daughter back to bed!

And then... the bows!!!  What a great cast and crew!!!

Each show had a different Clara, so I got a picture with each of my daughters after their shows.  I loved how each of them brought their unique qualities and personalities to life on the stage.  They all did a fantastic job!




It was so special to see all the dear friends that came to support us at our performances!  You all are simply the best and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!!!
Cecily, Leo, and Amanda!

Our dear pastor and his lovely wife!

Our special friend, Elanee!

 Lillie's angelic side and my nightgown.  (I like to think it makes me look like Christine Daae.)

So many costumes!

Somehow I never managed to take a picture with Drosselmeyer... and we forgot to take a family picture... and I didn't get a picture with Shiloh, Judah, Havilah, and Benjamin!  Oops.  But let me tell you, a performance is only as good as every member, whether performer or stagehand, makes it.  And what happens on stage is only possible by those who make things happen backstage!  We are all immensely grateful for my mom, Shiloh, and all the little kids for their hard work, support, and love!  They are the best and we love them so much!!!

 The littles learning about props.

 The Nutcracker brigade!

Tabitha and Shiloh running the backstage show!  They were stellar!

Dinner party with some of the cast!  


Nutcracker 2015.  It was amazing.  So wonderful to be able to work hard, learn so many new things, stretch as an artist, and shine as a Light for Jesus in this dark world.  There were so many special memories made and looking at the pictures bring back all the laughter, love, and fun.  I smile just thinking about it.  :)  I'm so glad to have been blessed with this opportunity and thrilled to be able to dance with such special people that I get to call friends.  Nutcracker 2015 has taught me many things, and I'm looking forward to Nutcracker 2016 with my NCB dance family!

Stay tuned because I have one more post coming with all the professional pictures!  (And if you want to head over to Eden's blog HERE you can see some of her personal pictures, too.)

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