Monday, November 2, 2009

The Cider Squeeze

Howdy Folks!

Here's a post that was supposed to be posted long ago, but we are just now getting around to doing it... Farm Life can get busy! Just this past September we went to the annual Cider Squeeze held at Philip Foster Farm. It is an event we enjoy going to and do not want to miss out on! This year we all dressed up matching. Then men were in their Carhartts and the ladies in their tiered skirts. Which we made! We squeezed our own Apple Cider from apples which we picked from our apple trees. At the end of this post is a little movie we put together with little clips of the event so you all can get a glimpse of the festivities. Maybe we'll see you there next year! Enjoy the pictures!

Cider Press-

Jordan was able to get a load of the apple pulp for our garden and chickens-

What happens when De-De has the camera-


Straining the Cider-

Judah and his friend Phillip-

When there was a break in the action Tabitha, Eden, Melody, Bip, and I all took a tour through Philip Foster's cabin. We enjoyed taking some pictures of historical poses until we got caught up in a tour with a history buff who nearly had us believing he was the real Philip Foster... but then it does take awhile to fool a bunch of home schooled kids who do know their history. :)

Tabitha, De-De, & Bip-

Books: The Bible, "Indian Massacres", and "Gospel Hymns".

Judah & Melody-

Judah Philip: Our Little Cowboy!

Shiloh, Gwennie, Bethany, & Eden-

All of us girls with our Mommy :)

We love you, Mommy!

Gwennie, Bethany, Shiloh, Karina, Keziah, Tabitha, & Eden-

Hannah, Eden, & Tabitha-

De-De Laurel-

This sign at the bathroom is so funny!



Eden, Shiloh, Evie, and Bethany-
Me (Shiloh) with my dear friend, Evie! I really enjoyed seeing you Evie! :)

Here's the movie! Be sure to tell us what you all think!

Cider Squeeze from Ebenezer Forest Farm on Vimeo.

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Shiloh for...


Evie Poythress said...

I really enjoyed seeing you too!!

Green Gardening Girl said...

We LOVE your skirts!!!! Did y'all make them? They are so cute? What pattern did you use?


Strang Family said...

Hi Jess,

Yes, we did make our skirts. :)

The pattern is Simplicity #4257... It may be out of print, but we have found it on ebay. We used the same pattern for all of us and just did a few changes for Mommy and I.



Gwennie said...

Ahh, memories! : )

~The movie was great, by the way. In all our years of doing a booth at the Cider Squeeze, I don't think I have ever actually watched the cider-making process.


Our family: said...

How fun! Looks like a wonderful family day and memory!