Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~Miss Eden Laurel Strang~

Happy Birthday De-De!

Eden ~ Laurel

Pleasant ~ Glory

Happy 11th Birthday Eden!

We Love You!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Movie Is Finally Here!

July 16th - 7:00 AM ~Update... If you like our video, then please vote for us ("#19 - The Strang Family"). Comment in your vote HERE
Thank you!
And now... announcing the showing of our video from "World Changing Productions"!

Drum roll please...!

Timberdoodle Movie Contest from Ebenezer Forest Farm on Vimeo.

Also be sure to drop us a comment and tell us how you liked our production!

Monday, July 13, 2009

~The Trailer~

World Changing Productions' Teaser Trailer is now here!

Check back here tomorrow to view the completed movie!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Update From: ~World Changing Productions~

Hello All!

The Announcement is...

We are entering a Film Contest!

Be sure to check back on Tuesday (June 14th) to see the link with the finished product and how you can help vote in the contest!

Click HERE to view any trailers we may post...

Check Back Soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

~World Changing Productions~

The Strang Siblings Studio is preparing to announce their latest project on Ebenezer Forest Farm's Blog!
So Stay Tuned!
You Don't Want to Miss Out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Tea Party With The Knifongs

We were invited to a Tea Party with the Knifong girls. It was very well done! (You can click HERE to see our Tea Party...) Thank you Knifong Sisters! We had such a good time!

Enjoy the pictures!


Bethany: And here's Eden... getting ready to go! (Or maybe not...)

Shiloh: We were so excited that we found De-De's hoop-skirt (which I made her years ago) and just in time too! :)

Bethany: Two of the hostesses. Brie Ella and Jamie Lyn.

Shiloh: Don't they look cute in their hats? I just love hats!

Bethany: Us with Mrs. Knifong.

Shiloh: Mrs. Knifong is an amazing artist. She actually painted the tea plates and the flower vases.

Bethany: Eating the delicious crumpies. They were so good!

Shiloh: Yum!

Bethany: The boys having their meal inside.

Shiloh: L to R: Jordan, Judah, Hogan, & Ben.

Shiloh: A view through the window....

Shiloh: A view of everyone at the table. :)

Bethany: All of the girls in their formal attire.

Shiloh: L to R: Miss Brie Ella, Miss De-De Laurel, Miss Shiloh, Miss Bethany, & Miss Jamie Lyn!

Bethany: Judah trying out Ben's tractor.

Bethany: Wow! I think these accessories are such a good mix! What do you say?

Shiloh: This Princess obviously wants modern conveniences!

Shiloh: Mrs. Knifong wanted to take a Southern Belle picture of me... LOL! My Grandma Strang is from the South (Florida) and she is a Daughter of the Revolution (which make my sisters and I all Daughters of the Revolution). So this picture is mainly for her! I love you, Grandma!

Bethany: Brie Ella and Eden pose with a rabbit.

Bethany: After we changed our cloths, we had a great time doing some Jewish Dancing out on the grass. It was so great!

Shiloh: Everyone looks on as Shiloh and Mrs. Knifong preform! LOL!

Bethany: Since Mommy is a professional Ballet Dancer, she taught us all how to do the steps.

Shiloh: Boy and I always have time for fun! This was basically his first time on a trampoline...

Bethany: I was able to do my dramatic speech for the Knifongs. It nice to be able to do it after a long time of not doing it!

Shiloh: A lovely picture of the tea settings...

Shiloh: And we will end here with this adorable picture of our Boy who we all love!

Shiloh: Thank you so much for the Tea Party Knifongs! It was a blast! Something we must do again!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

~Latourell Falls~

Last Wednesday Daddy woke me up at 4:45 AM for a Special Morning with him! We drove on the Historic Highway, stopped at the View Point over looking the Columbia River, and finally arrived at Latourell Falls at about 5:30 AM. We hiked up to the area where you can look directly at the Fall and the continued up to another off shooting trail which took us to the top of the water fall and it's source! The Latourell Fall is 249 feet tall and 20 feet wide. It's a beautiful fall that I would encourage you to go and see for yourself. Just another reminder about how creative our Creator is! To see some pictures of the hiking trail click HERE . Daddy and I were wondering how the Water Fall received it's name here is some history I found:

The falls is on Latourell Creek and was named after Joseph Latourell, a prominent Columbia River Gorge settler. The falls itself was located on the property of Guy W. Talbot of Portland, who, in 1929, donated 220 acres of property to the State of Oregon. ~Website Here

Here is a closer view of exactly how high Daddy and I climbed...
Below are two pictures I took with Daddy's cell phone.

First: a straight on shot:

Second: Our Favorite! This one shows the beautiful view of the moss on the side.

Daddy: I really enjoyed going up the trail with you! I can't wait until we take the entire family!
I Love You Daddy!
Love, Your Eldest Daughter:

Friday, July 3, 2009


Congratulations to Troy Douglas Ashmore for successfully completing and memorizing Bastien Piano for the Young Beginner Primer A!

He will now move onto Level 1 of Bastien Piano & Suzuki Piano!

I'm looking forward to teaching you in the future Troy!