Saturday, January 31, 2009

Please Pray.

Saturday/ 11:32 PM~ Praise the Lord! Judah was not admitted into the hospital... He had a chest x-ray--no update on that yet. Mommy, Jordan, and Judah are coming home now! <Psalm 23>. Thank you for your prayers.
Saturday/ 10:00 PM~ The doctors say the croup is gone and he may have Pneumonia. The doctors have ordered a chest x-ray.
Saturday/ 8:03 PM~ Judah came down with the croup three days ago. Due to flaring nostrils and wheezing.
Mommy and Jordan have taken Judah to the hospital (Emmanuel Hospital). Please pray that he will not be admitted into the hospital and that he will have a quick recovery!
Thank you so much,
Us Sisters

Remember Emmanuel means: "God with us"!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

White Elephant at the Wells House!

Every year the Wells have a white elephant where everyone exchanges funny gifts. Here are the pictures from the day!


Everyone having those last-minute-before-you-leave conversations together!

Here are the Patricks, Knifongs, Wells, and us children together.

Back row L-R: Jackson W. Carol P. Jordan S. Judah S. Shiloh S. Annie P. Janet P. Bethany S. Karina W. Tabitha W.

Front row L-R:Grace P. Joseph P. Hogen K. Eden S. Jamie Lyn K. Brie Ella K.

Coffee anyone?

Judah the cute-boy!

Eden posing for a picture. (Notice the chocolate on her lips...? Hmmmm what has she been eating?)

Here is what Eden (and Brie Ella for that matter) were eating!!! Roca! Yum!

Phillip and Carol together.

Shiloh and Bethany (can you see me?).

Jaime Lyn. I like the wistful look on her face.

Judah opening his white elephant gift!

Phillip with his big wooden hammer. I think he is trying to take his nose off!

Phillip watching all the action.

Victor the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed camera man!

Our white elephant tradition is to always play spoons. We've done it for the last three years!
Here is everyone getting set up to play the game.

This was our favorite picture. Special thanks to Phillip "Bip" and Joseph for this shot!!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oregon Right To Life is having a drawing, writing, and oral contest to support the life of the unborn baby. I am doing the drawing contest so I thought I would share my picture with you. I encourage all of you (grades K-12) to enter this contest with me!

For more information about the ORTL Contest click here or here.

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Bethany R. Strang

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oldies but Goodies...

After posting about Jackson's birthday with us and the Wells--we thought we should continue our blog's series and do a "Pictures from the Past"! Don't you think we've grown up a lot? A total of six babies have been added to our Strang/Wells group since then with hopefully Lord willing more to come! We love babies!
1999: Left to Right: Bethany S., Jordan S., Shiloh S., Karina W., & Tabitha W.
A very cherished picture (from 2003): Tabitha & Eden playing dress up together!

12 Years ago!
Karina (then 7/now 19), Shiloh (then 5/now 17), & Bethany (then 3/now 15)!

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

(Or When The Birds Are Wearing Watches:))

Cousin Pictures!

We were not able to see the Gibson Cousins when we were in California so we decided to post their Thanksgiving picture... Now we have all the cousins from the Smith side on our blog! :)
Christmas 2000: Back Row: Hope, Bethany, Shiloh (holding Chole). Front Row: John, Mark, Grace, Eden, Cassidy, Audrey, and Jordan.
And now 8 years later....
Left to Right: Cassidy, Audrey, & Chole
We love you girls and miss you so much!!!

Friends Forever...

Bethany and Karina Wells.
Photo Credit to: Mrs. Knifong
Editing Credit to: Shiloh Strang

Jackson's Eighth Birthday!

On Sunday our family went out to dinner at Calamity Jane's Hamburger Palour for Jackson Well's eighth birthday.

Left to Right-
Back Row: Jackson, Jordan, Judah, Shiloh, Karina, & Bethany.
Front Row: Melody, Phillip, Eden, & Tabitha.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cute Boy

Happy as ever with his Mommy and his "POP"

Hair Cutting Time

Before the Hair Cut- Judah Philip-
During- Judah the very serious little man-

Progress- Taking Shape-

Nearly Done- What a cute boy-

The Finished Product- Judah's big boy hair cut!

Photography By: Shiloh

Our Darling De-De
Bethany Rose-

Absolutely my favorite! This is such a natural pose of Bethany's!
Judah Philip- Yes this is before his hair-cut... :)

Cute Feet!
Close up
Judah Philip Strang- We love you, little brother!

An Update from the Men and Boy...

New Flashlights for Christmas...
A Special Announcement! Attention Everyone! Somebody now has the "Official Big Boy Pants"!
Posing for the Camera:

Big Boy Pants!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Due to several power outs (a series of four days worth to be exact) we decided to celebrate Christmas on December 31, 2008! Yes, we did wake up to no power on Christmas Day (until 12:45pm.), but were very thankful that we had electricity on the 31st! Enjoy the pictures:
Eden and Judah opening... a bottle jack [!? :)]--just one of the many hoax presents for Eden.
Eden and Daddy
Jordan and Bethany:
Shiloh & Judah with a Wood Carving Project from Jordan:

Eden with two hoax gifts and best of all!!! The Yo-yo Ma CD!

Out Our Bedroom Window

Bethany: "These icicles were right out our bedroom window. They were about two feet long!"
Eden: "They were big!"

Shiloh: "There was so much snow piled on the roof that eventually we couldn't even see the road from our window!"

A lovely scene:

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