Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Snow Pictures

Jordan hits the slopes
Sledding down with just our snow bibs--one of our favorite ways to sled!
Siblings in the snow:
"Snowed in Shoes" :)
During the 4 day power outs we cooked a lot on our wood stove... All the Strang Siblings are very thankful they stacked a ton of wood before the snow storm...!

Well... Obviously these are NOT the correct footwear for 30 degrees below snow weather!
More snow:
Our Mother with Poshious our top mouser

The Christmas Lights glowing through the snow: it was so pretty!

Jordan's lovely pine tree prints in the snow.

Judah's Tractor

The Forest:
Eden "skates" on the road
No mail today (actually we didn't get any mail for about 1 1/2 weeks!):

Pretty rocks:

More snow:

Judah's Winter Wonder Land Scene. Complete with a "BIG trac-tor. OO!" (Said in "Judah Language").

Snow in cased tree

...and yes we didn't go driving for a LONG time...

It's Christmas Time in the Country

Candy Cane Fun

Talented Sisters?
Well... Have you ever tried???

First Days of Snow...

Here are two pictures from the very first snow:
Eden grinning because she is so happy that there is snow on the ground!!!
Snow falling from the dark sky:

Those Old Days...

On one of the first snow days it was warm enough to go outside without being all bundeled up. During that very snowy afternoon Eden and Shiloh decided to "reenact" the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Here they are enjoying the snow with their sledding with their hats, shawls, and lovely get-up!

Our Darling De-De poses:

Shiloh with her sled:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting Our Christmas Tree...

Recently our family hiked up the hill at the back of our property and cut down our own Christmas Tree. Here is a movie of the real footage. Enjoy!


The music that we were listening to well decorating the tree (which you can hear in the back round) was from one of family's favorite CDs from the Booher Brothers and it is definitely Judah's favorite. He loves to listen to Cowboy "Doe" (Joe). :)

We enjoyed getting our very own Christmas tree from our property! It was quite an experience for all of us!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Ok.... we have been without power for 4 days in this Pacific NW Snow Storm (power would come back here and there for a few hours). Daddy has been busy at work helping people in the midst of LOTS of snow! This morning we were reading the Bible as a family and the LORD restored our power! Praise God! His Light is Everlasting! More pictures of our snow storm to come as the power stays on!


The Strang Family

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Smilin' Faces

This picture pretty much speaks for it's self!

Going Home

After a week of spending time with relatives and friends, it was time to go home.

Here we are returning the motor home to El Monte RV.

Jordan and Judah having a great ride.

Shiloh, Eden, and Bethany.

Daddy on the jet.

Well... I guess this picture speaks for itself. We'll just say that someone was not happy when someone spilled their full glass of orange juice on that person!!

We had a wonderful time in California. And we are thankful that we had safe and great trip!!



The Ngs came to visit:
Auntie Doris & Mommy

The Van Leeuwen Family: Robert, Candy, Madison, Maxwell & Grandma Barb Fields came next

Auntie Kaggy came! Here she is with Mommy.

Auntie Kaggy and Bethany
Judah with his "A-a Ka-ga".

All the girls with Auntie Kaggy

Saying Goodbye... :(

Trying to Get 9 to Pose...

Okay... Everyone look proper...

...And everyone laugh! LOL!

Perfect! Strang, Penner, & Smith cousins (we missed the Gibson Girls and Little John Penner)
Back row: Grace P., Bethany S., Hope P., Shiloh S., & Jordan S.
Front row: Judah S., Eden S., Mark P., & Josh Smith