Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Named You Hope Short Film

I am thrilled to release World Changing Production's newest short film, I Named You Hope!  This has been a big project that covers the topic of the sanctity of life.  The unique aspect of this movie is the fact that Jordan and Bethany wrote the theme song which has the same title of the movie.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Independence Day 2014

Obviously I have a hard time keeping up with both blogging and summer!  It's okay though... I am enjoying everything and will get around to posting sooner or later.

For the 4th of July, we went to the S. family's annual party.  They are seriously amazing and put together and fantastic event!  The fun was tripled when we were accompanied by two of our friends.  :)

One big happy family!  Or pretty close to that.  :)

 I had a wonderful time seeing my good friend, Melissa T. again!

There was one epic water balloon fight!  We went all out.  :)  
(Photo credits to Mrs. B.)

And thanks to Paul L. taking these fantastic pictures because I didn't get to take as many as I intended!
Who knew Jordan had a hidden soccer talent?

My daddy and I posing for the pictures while everyone else talks.

Announcing pie contest winners.

Look out, Sarah!  Someone just might steal your pie! 

In case you thought she was a perfect little angel...

And then there was this hilarious sign that mysteriously appeared on the B. family's trailer...

Who cares how it got there!  It sure looks nice on it!

And then this red car posed with a bunch of people...

Presentation time!

Mrs. S. and her granddaughter. 

We played Shenandoah. 

Shiloh and I accompanied Evan, Jordan, Elanee, and Eden as a vocal quartet while they sang The Star  Spangled Banner.

It was a blessed time celebrating America's freedom!  

"The land of the free begins in the homes of the brave." ~Kirk Cameron 

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy Birthday to our Wonderful Father!!

Sadly, Daddy had to work today~ so we celebrated his birthday yesterday!!
With some presents and a Gluten Free Cake!!

Are you hungry yet???  :)  We should have made two- this one went waaaay too fast!

In honor of our father's birthday- here's one of his favorite songs and also a song that we think describes him well too! :)

The Time Is Now

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!  We Love You!! Shiloh - Bethany - Jordan - Eden - Judah- Havilah - Ben!

Friday, July 11, 2014

OCEANetwork 2014

We always enjoy attending homeschool conferences, but this one was particularly fun because we spent the majority of the time volunteering!  We were super busy the whole time but still were able to visit with friends and have a wonderful time.  

Heading down to the conference center in our stylish volunteer "badges"!

 Judah and Benjamin enjoying the science fair.

 The little kids by a blue cow

It's very unusual, but I ended up not taking any pictures!  Thankfully Evan S. got some really good ones to share (he always does!).

Having a wonderful time with such special friends! 

Confession Time: I actually didn't make it to a single session I was so busy! 

 Okay, so I had to fit some violin playing into the schedule.
Which is totally fine.  :)

Wait.  Are they really working or just having fun???

I had the awesome job of duplicating CDs.  We named each of our machines based off their personalities: Moody, Disobedient, Granny, Super-Charged, and Racer.  Super-Charged was our fastest machines, so I kinda stuck around him.  ;)

Jordan taking a bite out of it! 

I'm selling my car!

But if it won't sell...
I'll push it into the water!

Looks like someone is shopping for someone else!

At the close of the conference, we went out to dinner with a few families.

It was such a blessing visiting with the H., S., and S. families!

Smiles all around!

Lots of laughter!

And even some photobombing.  You have to do some photobombing.  :)

Sarah and Eden share a morsel.

It lasted long into the night and we closed the wonderful weekend with a group photobomb!

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