Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello From the Barn Animals

Silver Sage, Jessie, & Sandy: Our 2 pygoras & 1 pygora/mini nubian

Poshious investigates the camera

The Tom poses for a picture

Our Darling Little De-De

Here's why every one absolutely adores our Darling Little De-De!

Hmmmm... I wonder why she is laughing so... :)

Piano Photography

Recently our family has been searching for a piano upgrade from the 100 year old one that we are currently using. Here are some pictures that Shiloh, Bethany, & Eden took when our family went to inspect another piano.


Intricate Strings

Top Speed Piano Playing
Shiloh & Bethany (Jordan checks the piano deep within:))
Checking the Strings & Hammers
Bethany plays with Jordan

Monday, October 13, 2008

Judah's Favorite Chore

One of Judah's favorite chores is to run the "Gop-ga" with big "Bu-bu" after dinner!

Here is a movie of him doing his chore!

Old VBS Skits

"I.Q." with Baby Shiloh:
"Otto" with David:

"We Have Come A Long, Long Way!"