Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Judah Philip: 3-Years-Old!

Wow! We can't believe that the LORD has now blessed with Judah for three years!

In honor of his birthday here are a few Judah Philip facts you may enjoy:

1) Judah is the only one of us siblings who can say he's been born on a farm and he was born in our own home!

2) Even though Bu-bu tells Judah Philip that his initials are "JP"... Judah insists that Jordan is "JP" not him!

3) Judah likes mountains, but he does not like the "big snow".

4) Judah is the only three year old we know who can sing the entire song, Don't Fence Me In from memory.

5) He is 100% farmboy. Especially when he insists to Bu-bu that he is a "Mountain Boy".

6) He knows that he is not a baby. According to him, De-De is.

7) Music practice is very important. Especial when he gets to play "pla-plo" (say very fast) or his "Low-lo" (fiddle).

8) For Judah everything has sound...

9) He has three mothers: The Mommy, "Yi-yo Mum", and "Mama Be".

10) If he has been awarded chocolate for keeping his big boy pants dry: everyone has to check his breath to "mell the cha-cha".

11) During prayer time Judah always remembers to pray for his grandparents!

12) Although he can say water correctly he still prefers to say: "La-la"...

13) He always is quick to point out who is a "Good Man" and who is a "Bad Man".

14) The "Gaup-ga" is a favorite chore.

15) He is the three year old who wants to know "What dat" and "I wanna see"!

16) He is the only three year old boy who likes to do "ballway" (ballet).

17) He is the happiest three year old around. (Probably from all that "Cha-Cha" (chocolate).

18) He is the only three year old boy who can do an Expository Speech. (No kidding!)

19) He is the only boy who, when it's time to work, never forgets his work boots!

20) Since age two he could count to 10 in three languages: English, French, & Sign.

21) Telephones used to be a great mystery to him... now they are great fun!

22) He must see a quick view of any pictures/films taken of him before you can continue to take anymore.

23) He LOVES babies.

24) He has a big heart for "Deed-jus".

25) If Shiloh is in the driver's seat putting the keys in for Daddy... Judah always questions, "Yi-yo oo drive?"

26) According to Judah: "Bad Man yell. Good Man talk."

27) He's a Big boy now and insists on doing (Nearly) everything himself.

28) When the mail-man drives bye. Judah calls, "Yi-yo! Me-hoe here!" Then of course there's always a good hearty debated between him and De-De on who's turn it is to get the "Me-hoe".

29) Judah's definition of a gun: "If it looks like one. It is one".

30) Judah wanted to stay two this year, but since De-De has been baking birthday cookies and giving him all the cake plans... He's started to like the idea of being three. Anyhow who would want to miss out on blowing out those candles?

Happy Birthday Judah Philip!!!!

We Love You!


Daddy, Mommy, Shiloh, Bethany, Jordan, & Eden

Here's a slide show of Judah's Birth to Birthday! Enjoy and turn on your speakers!

Judah's Birthday Slide show from Ebenezer Forest Farm on Vimeo.

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Green Gardening Girl said...

So sweet! He is such a blessing I can tell!Tell Judah Happy Third Birthday from the Pritchetts! Today our brother Ryan turns 10!!!