Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It Is Confirmed!

What a joy and blessing to present this news to you all!!!
(Hmmmm, shall I hold you in suspense... just a little longer???)

Drum roll please...

We have been confirmed to travel to Ethiopia to bring our children home!!!

We are praising the Lord for this!

Your prayers are much appreciated!
Daddy on his last trip to ET.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bethany's Video Essay!

Hello Friends!

It's Bethany here...
I have entered College Plus' 2011 Scholarship Contest with a video essay.  My video essay is on the topic "Wise solutions to fix the soaring college debt crises."
Here's where YOU can help!!!
By watching my video, you automatically "Vote" for me and my movie!
Please watch my video, have your family members watch it, and then send it out to your friends!
(By the way... it's a short movie! ;) )
This is my first "Video Essay"; if you have any tips for me, please feel free to comment!
Thank you all very much!

God bless,

Monday, February 14, 2011


"Tradition!  Tradition!!"
 That's a line from one of our favorite movies....  :)  Today, we're about to share one of our traditions with you(!) and that is.....  our traditional post for Valentine's Day which our dear Mother wrote three years ago.... and we've posted every Valentines since then.  :)  Enjoy!!

What a blessing to have three sweet sisters to teach you how to make valentines. Here is the "Valentine Making Tutorial" that the girls made for Jordan since he would rather take care of chickens than make them valentines! Note that his Mother gets a lovely Valentine from him each and every year!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Click on the computer drawing to see the instructions up close!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Work and Sphere of True Womanhood~

Woman’s work is foundation work for society, for the state, for the kingdom of Heaven.  In the homes of America are born the children of America; and from them goes forth American life.  Who has the hand upon these springs of life?  Woman.  These children of American...  Click Here to continue reading!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Four Year Old’s Perspective :-)

A recent conversation with my 4-year-old brother~

Judah: “How old are you?”

Me: “19”

Judah: “When I get 19 and you are 19 I will be your age!”

Wow~ how fun will that be?  Usually, Judah keeps me laughing when he tells me that he'll carry me around when I get little and he gets big...  He has this idea that as he grows older I grow younger.  ;)  But I guess now I get to stay 19 for awhile until he catches up with me.  =)
I love little brothers!!
~Shiloh Ariel

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Farm News

Do any of you faithful blog readers remember this post????  Well it seems as though cold weather welcomes worms into our newly cleaned goat stalls... 

This past week we've "welcomed" (not at all willingly) another case of worms and this time they decided to feast on our best milker... Ugh.

Coccidia ~ Photo Credit: Wikipedia
 Finding our dear Fiddle goat to have the exact same symptoms as Allegro her cousin doe did last year...  we began to treat her for Coccidia.  Thankfully, we were able to catch this dilima before the goat "went down". 

Now Fiddle "enjoys" (again not willingly) getting her Sulfadimethoxine (30 cc orally)-- everyday, Super B Complex (1.5 ml, IM)--everyday, and Probiotics (1cc, orally)--everyday.  Thankfully, we gave her a does of the Doramectin Antiparasitic (Sub-Q) already!

Mini Nubian Goat Kid ~ Photo Credit: Google
 Right now- we're just looking forward to when she gets back to looking as healthy as the adorable Mini Nubian goat kid above.  :)  We are very thankful that we caught this illness before it was too late for one of our top goats!!
One of our favorite book recommendations:

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