Sunday, February 22, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime Part 3: Magic Kingdom

...And the Disneyworld Water Park.  But since water and cameras don't mix (unless it's a waterproof camera--which I don't have), I didn't take that many pictures there.

This is a nice overview of some of the slides at the water park.  The weather was great and since it was November, the crowds weren't bad at all!

And the irony: The only time I've ridden a ski lift... was at this water park.  ;)

So... the climax was riding Summit Plummet!  On the left there, you can see the slide, and just for proportion: that guy is super tiny and I didn't even take this picture at the top of the stairs!  It's the third tallest free-fall body slide in the word.  120 feet tall and you go 60mph.  Pure adrenaline.  It goes by so fast and the water pressure is intense.  Well, the whole thing is intense.  Not for the faint in heart, I assure you.  Of course, you end up with shoulder blade slide burn, but that's kind of understandable.
Do me (and yourself) a favor: Google Summit Plummet and look at the pictures and videos on it.  Then come back here and comment to let me know if you would do it.  ;)

On the ferry, sailing over to the Magic Kingdom!

And here at Cinderella's castle!
Let the fun being!

 Ah, this castle is so beautiful.

A Barbershop Quartet entertained us with a few fun songs.

 And then the parades would go by.

Getting ready to board Space Mountain!  Our first roller-coaster ever.

Shiloh won't look, Eden and I are ducking because something might be hanging low overheard (how can you be certain when everything is in the dark?!), and Jordan...

 ...Well, I'm not exactly sure what his sentiments were.

It was probably our favorite ride, and we rode it a couple times!  Hot tip: The later the evening goes, the faster the ride goes.  ;)

Saddling up for the carousal!


 We met this funny lady on Main Street.  Apparently she runs a dance studio.  She ran into the right family when she found that all of us were dancers!  We even helped her out with the impromptu "Snowflake Dance".

 From Princesses...

To Piratesess!
(Don't mess with us.  We are just--if not more--scary than we look!)

 Eden and Jordan wet after the log ride.

I was able to convince the entire family to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad because the description said it was a very "family-friendly roller coaster".  Well, it turned out to be anything but that description!  It was quite a wild ride for sure.  

We took up the whole boat for It's a Small World.

 Daddy and Mommy making a teacup look cute!

We spun like crazy!

Leaving the Racetrack.

Oh, Dumbo the Flying Elephant!
Shiloh decided to go big this time by flying high instead of cruising down on the bottom (family history joke).

 Eden and the little kids met up with Cinderella.

 Meeting up with her favorite princess, Rapunzel.

We had such a fun time at the Enchanted Tales with Belle play.  Part of the attraction is that audience members can volunteer to be in the play with Belle!
The Supporting Roles of a duster, silverware, saltshaker, and a plate.  Mr. S. had a more major role as one of the guards.  That was pretty hilarious!

All the little characters on this side of the room.

Show time!

Yes, we got it on film.  Check it out HERE.

 Judah was adorable as Maurice, Belle's father.

 Havilah as Mrs. Potts.

Mr. S. guarding the castle.

And then we got to have our picture taken with Belle!  The cast members would intruduce us as "Lady Bethany" or "Madame Shiloh" or "Master Benjamin".  

Shiloh really wanted to ride the Disneyworld's newest ride, The Seven Dwarf's Mine Train, but because so it was a hot attraction, it always had a really long wait.  Right at closing time, Shiloh, Elanee, Eden, and I ran over to the ride and they let us on with the last groups!  We had so much fun singing and yelling together!

 Walking down Main Street.
I took a bunch of pictures of the fireworks and light scenes, so if you want to check out that post, click HERE.

 Family picture on the tram!

Okay, so funny story... the kind lady that took our picture snapped the first one and then told us to do an "Awkward Face".  Because she was Asian and had an accent, she pronounced it "awwaad faaace".  Everyone sat there in confusion for a few seconds, so when she said "come on!  Silly face!" only a few of us got the message.
I guess it's obvious who got the memo.

Although I'm not done with our Florida Trip blog posts yet, this post concludes our time at Disneyworld.  Wow, we had such fun just spending time as a family and enjoying all the attractions at the park.

So... up next... Part 4 of our trip!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime Part 2: Epcot

Our first of three days at Disneyworld was spent at Epcot!  (For Part 1 click here.)

Nine people.  Seven seats.  One car.

Riding the tram into the park!

And that, my friends, is Epcot.

 Getting ready to go on the first ride!  
While standing in line, you can do productive things like taking selfies. 


Daddy and Mommy looking cute together (because they do it so well).

 We all decided that we wanted to try out a more thrilling ride...

So I suggested that we try Test Track.  
It was our favorite ride at Epcot!  We rode it three times.  ;)

 Putting on the cool sunglasses for the cool car effect.

And this is what we looked like on the ride...

 Shiloh having a blast!

 Jordan squinting into the piercingly fast wind.

 I wasn't going to lose my sunglasses over a ride.
 Come on, people!  This is suppose to be fun!

 Here you could try out all sorts of international soft drinks.  After filling ourselves up with numerous flavors of carbonation, someone was overheard saying, "Bleh!  I still have Italy in my mouth!"

 Going green at the "Oh Canada" ride.

 There was so much going on... every time I turned around there was something new and exciting to experience!  This guy was quite impressive!

 As evening began to fall, we took a ferry ride across the park.

There's something about sunlight on the water that makes me happy.  :)  I think it comes from my memories of growing up in California and hearing my dad tell me to look out across the ocean and see the waves sparkling like diamonds.  Light on the water is something I love.

 Watching the firework barges go by.

In this ride, we actually went inside the Epcot ball.  That was quite fascinating!

Apparently Disneyworld predicts my future as a surfboard designer.  I like the surfboard part a lot, but the designer part... not so much.  ;)

 Shiloh and I taking what is most likely a classic tourist pose.  Who cares?  We were tourists!  (And not to mention, not that many people can say they balanced the Epcot ball on their heads!)

We closed the evening with a trip to Chick-Fil-A.  It was our first time ever... but I prefer Burgerville.  (Sorry all you southerners!)

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