Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Dear Mother!

Today is our dear mother's birthday.  In the past 2+4 (4+6-1y)-1+x-2+10 years Mommy has been a blessing to her family, has been married for 30 years, in 20 years has given birth to eight children (six biologically and two through adoption), and we love her very much!
Mommy | Graduation

Mommy with Shiloh in Texas | July 2010

Mommy with Daddy at Lost Lake | August 2010
Mommy with Mrs. D. at the Games | July 2011

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

We Love You!

Shiloh - Bethany - Jordan - Eden - Judah - Havilah - Benjamin

Friday, July 22, 2011

Post Production~

You knew we'd be making another movie soon-- didn't you????

Enjoy the pictures and check back for more updates!

Terry and Petra
Tess and Bob
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eden Turns 13!

Is it really true?!?!  Is The Bobcat really growing up?!?!  It's true!  Today is Eden' very special day.  Why?  Because it's her Birthday!  Happy 13th Birthday Eden!
Now I think there is a story to be told.  This story is a tale of a very special sister who, for a very long time, was the baby of the family.
Oh, and she was very cute too!
This little girl was at the end of three older siblings.
They loved her dearly!
But... you must remember that she is a Bobcat at heart!
Well, one day we noticed that this little girl...
...Was growing up!
And my!  She wasn't so little anymore!
In fact, she was a big sister too!  Oh--but she still was the "Baby Girl of the Family!"
And she still gets teased by Bethany!
As Eden got bigger and better...
...So did the entertainment she provided for us!
And together we all had a great time!
Shiloh captured the Bobcat!!!  :)
Sometimes Eden can be found jigging on a log with Jordan...

...Or staring in the infamous "Vik & Nes Show" with Bethany!  (Eden as Vanessa, Bethany as Vikki)
(Click to enlarge)

Soon God blessed us all by enlarging our family!
Eden is such a great help with Benjamin and Havilah.
When does the fun stop when Eden is around?!
It is truly a blessing from the Lord to see how these three sisters...
...Have become four!

What a blessing Eden is to our family!!!

"We love you Eden!  Happy 13th Birthday!!!"

Please comment to wish Eden a very Happy Birthday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Indepedence Day: The Real Post!

Our Independence Day Celebration was one amazing day!  We watched it grow from unsure about what we would do... to a full party complete with ice cream, fun, and one very late night!
This will be a 2 Part post, so stayed tuned!  Shiloh will be posting some of her pictures later... right now, you get the "Bethany Perspective!"

Too many cooks spoil the broth!
The girls preparing the food.
While the guys went shooting, us girls took a trip down to the creek.
For a little wading,
 A little swimming,
And a little rock hunting.
Josiah D. on the log!
 A very ambitious Liberty!
 "But what if I get wet!?"
Getting ready to have some fun with Elanee S.!
Setting out on a plan...
Facing off!!!

And Eden and Yvonne ganged up on me to try to push me in the creek!  It's two against one... and I'm barefoot... but whew!  They didn't succeed!  That time, at least...
Coming up with another "bright" idea?!
At some point, every turned out to be wet, so we headed back home.

Eden and Elanee entertaining us with some dramatic "performances"!

And line up, everyone, for a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest!!!
(Attention bystanders: Never cross in front of a competitor; the results could be disastrous!)

On your mark!  Aim!  Fire!

And it looks like...

...Yvonne won!

Actually no, Mrs. S. beat her daughters record and came in first place in the competition!
Congratulations Mrs. S!

After dinner, we made a huge bonfire (okay, it wasn't as big as it looks!) and roasted...

As the marshmallows quickly began to disappear, we noticed a change in the atmosphere...

...We all were on a sugar high!  :)

One and a half bags of marshmallows later, we all migrated inside for:

...Ice cream and pie!
Well, don't worry... we had to eat all that to keep us awake for the movie that we would be watching until 3:00 in the morning!

"Thank you, D. and S. for celebrating such a wonderful holiday with us!  We can't wait till next time! :)"

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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