Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jordan's 15th Birthday!

Today we celebrate Jordan William's 15th Birthday!  For a long time, Jordan was our favorite brother... that is until Judah came a long... but we love them both just the same!
Enjoy the post about our brother.  Oh, and be sure to comment at the end! :)

From day 1, Jordan was welcomed into our family...

Awww!  He was such a little cute guy!
But he wasn't the youngest for long...

Because De-De came along!
And that left Jordan the only boy...
Oh, but he was a good brother!
To each and everyone of his sisters...
...(including the "Bobcat"!)
But then a very exciting thing happened!
Jordan was blessed with his very own brother!!!
So our family grew...
...And Jordan was happy!

It's always a joy to see Big Sis helping Lil' Bro! :)

And Jordan helps us out around the farm by being our "Chicken Man"!
But of course he's always ready to jump into a good game of Baseball!

Jordan loves to eat... (Mr. Pizza-Face!)

...Plays the piano really well...

...And is a Speech Champ!

But he also loves his crazy sisters...

...And joins in the fun with them...


Jordan is always ready to start a conversation...

...But who knows when it will finish!!!

When Jordan is not talking, he might be caught on camera (by his sisters!)...
...Playing a game...
...Dancing (on a log)...

...Or in a parking garage!

All in all, he's a great brother.
What would we do without him!?

I don't know.

But I do know that God has blessed us all with a wonderful brother!

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Life wouldn't be the same without you!


Love your Family,

Daddy, Mommy, Shiloh, Bethany, Eden, & Judah

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

To Our Favorite Little Boy~

Happy 4th Birthday!!

Judah Philip!

We Love You!



Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Visit to California!

We haven't posted in a long time, but we hope you will enjoy a little picture trip down to So. Cal!  Bethany is writing in the normal font & Shiloh is writing in Italics--yep!  This is me! :)

At the end of June, Mommy, Shiloh and I all took a trip down to Sunny So Cal!  It was very fun to have a "just the big girls" trip, so enjoy these pictures!

I must admit, I was overjoyed to see Palm Trees! :)

Our rental car turned out be what Mommy called "A Jalopy"! 

We found out later that it was a Surfer Car! 
Thank you for letting us know, Aunt Jenny!  :)

We were very glad (and surprised!) to see our long time family friend Mr. Yardley!

Mr. Yardley gave us a tour of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.  It was fun to see what it looks like now!
Above- we are pictured at the pulpit~ Wow!
After a quick snooze, we headed off to the hospital to see Grandma!

Grandma and Mommy.

We met up with Uncle Rob and Aunt Jenny

The next night we saw our dear Auntie Kaggy!  We took a trip to Downtown Disney to see...
...The fabulous violinist Drew Tretick.
Wow!  That's all I can say!
And all I can say is: "And I thought I played *pretty* good". :)
And we also got our picture taken with him!
Note from Shiloh: We hope to upload a movie clip soon! :)

Then off to our hotel room we went to have chocolate chips and coffee... Ahhh!  For ol' times sake!

The next day we headed over to Grandma's house to celebrate Uncle Rob's Birthday with the cousins!
R-L: John, Mark, Uncle Rob, Shiloh, Me.

Uncle Rob had two cakes for his birthday!  There was a special one that was decorated by Aunt Laurie & a wheat free one that I (Shiloh) made.
S & B: "Sorry we missed you, girl cousins!" :'(

Uncle Rob showed us his animal talents!  (See video at the bottom...)

I thought this picture was so funny!  Right when I went to take a picture of Uncle Rob, Mark popped into the picture from through the door!  It looked like it was his surprise party! :)

Mark: I think this is my favorite picture of the whole day!!  We should frame it.  :)

John the Photo-grapher! 
(Cousin joke!  Thanks for the laughs, Mark!)

The whole group of Smith Family that was present that day!
Back- L to R: Aunt Laurie, Uncle Rob, Shiloh, Mommy, & John.
Front- L to R: Bethany, Mark, & Grandma. 

Mommy, Aunt Laurie, and Grandma.

Us with Grandma and Mommy.

Mommy cuts the cake!

Afterwards we had to say a very sad "Good Bye" to Auntie Kaggy (Mommy's prayer partner). :'(

S & B: "We love you Auntie Kaggy!  Come see us again soon!"

 It was getting late so everyone left or went to bed until it was just John and the two of us.  Then we played music together... jamming fashion! 

Uncle Rob showed us that he actually knew how to play my violin!
John and I jamming with the Hymns.
All too soon we had to say "Good Bye" and head home.
Waiting at the airport.
Our jet to "Home Sweet Home".
And we made it!  Praise God!
Here we "wait" (see the sign) for Daddy, Eden, Jordan, and Judah to come pick us up!
Welcome Home!

To Grandma: "We love you!  We had so much fun visiting you again... looking forward to next time!"

To Aunt Jenny: "We hadn't seen you for such a long time!  We love you!"

To Aunt Laurie: "It was fun seeing you... thanks for bringing Mark!  We love you!"

To Uncle Rob: "We had so much fun with you!  Come up and see us sometime!  We love you!" 

To Cousins... John, Mark, and Josh: "We love you guys!  Thanks for the fun times!"

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~Bethany~ and Shiloh