Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ballet, Friends, & Bun Art!

My sisters, friends, and I all take from the best ballet teacher in the world: our Mother! We are very blessed to have a garage with a second story which is perfect for our ballet studio. This summer my friend Karina started our "Weekly Bun, Hair-do Contest". One Tuesday she walked into class with a paintbrush in her hair! My Mother thought it was a great idea and therefore challenged us all to have an easel in our hair for the next ballet class. Sure enough the next Tuesday Karina and I had easels in our hair (we talked together about it and discovered that the Masterpiece board game has an excellent small easel that works perfectly when you pin it into your hair). After that day the rest has become history! We love thinking up new styles and new ideas for each new week! Here are some of our pictures (we always remember to bring the camera along! :-)

Celebrating Purim~~All the Queen Esther's:

Melody Wells~~3-years-old

Cute little girls: Tabitha (10-years-old) & Eden (9-years-old) in thier class

The BIG girls: Bethany (13), Shiloh (15), & Karina (17)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day at Ballet:

Tabitha & Eden...Hmmm looks kind of fishy to me!

4-H + Evergreens + 2 clover leaves = A Green St. Patrick's Day