Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jordan's Urinary Tract Lesson 101

Does it seem like we here at Ebenezer Forest Farm are always doing some weird body assignment.... well, here we go again!

Today, Jordan made the scientific experiment "extraordinaire". Keeping with the Body Worlds mentality these days, Jordan created his very own Urinary Tract System (to put it nicely!). First, he took a few glasses from my kitchen. Then, he brewed some herbal tea (Good Earth Tea to be exact). Next, he connected the full glass of tea to the empty glass with a paper towel and voila' he had a kidney, a ureter, and a bladder made out of simple things from my kitchen. Now his urinary system sat on my table pottying right there before our very eyes. How lovely... I will never think the same way about tea again.... and Good Earth Tea was my favorite. Oh well... Now.... lest you think we don't apply scripture to every lesson we have in our science class.... following the pictures of Jordan's model are some verses you may enjoy reading.