Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mission Sunday

Dressed up as Israeli children.

Shiloh, Karina and Bethany.

Eden and Tabitha

This past Sunday our church had a special day to celebrate missions around the world. Our family chose to represent the Nation of Israel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our God Is a Consuming Fire

Hello everyone!
Just a prayer request from all of us! We have so many family and friends that have been affected by the fires that are burning in Southern California. Please pray that the Lord would have mercy on them! Many are evacuated and several have lost their homes. The firefighters are working so hard. Having lived in Southern California for most of our lives, we know the way everyone is feeling. May the LORD be glorified!
The Strangs

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jordan's Urinary Tract Lesson 101

Does it seem like we here at Ebenezer Forest Farm are always doing some weird body assignment.... well, here we go again!

Today, Jordan made the scientific experiment "extraordinaire". Keeping with the Body Worlds mentality these days, Jordan created his very own Urinary Tract System (to put it nicely!). First, he took a few glasses from my kitchen. Then, he brewed some herbal tea (Good Earth Tea to be exact). Next, he connected the full glass of tea to the empty glass with a paper towel and voila' he had a kidney, a ureter, and a bladder made out of simple things from my kitchen. Now his urinary system sat on my table pottying right there before our very eyes. How lovely... I will never think the same way about tea again.... and Good Earth Tea was my favorite. Oh well... Now.... lest you think we don't apply scripture to every lesson we have in our science class.... following the pictures of Jordan's model are some verses you may enjoy reading.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mother's Morning Mocha

What a wonderful thing to wake up to! (Especially after a night of nursing a sweet baby boy!) On this lovely morning the girls surprised me with a tasty organic mocha! What a blessed Mommy I am!

Home School Biology 101

Shiloh and Bethany began an earthworm dissection for their home school high school biology class. In our first picture, Shiloh displays a gizzard and a crop from the posterior end of the specimen. This class of animal is from Phylum Annelida.
The specimen is laying on its ventral side (the side with the setae). (By the way--sewing pins work great when one is doing a dissection.)
Eden demonstrates her knowledge of animal classification. Next Biology 101 dissection will be a perch and a frog. These young biologists just can't wait!!

Building Our Goat Pen

Our family has been hard at work on our goat pen. We just finished it last week. Here is an example of a "horizontal brace" for the corner of the fence.
Here Daddy and Eden cut the wire.
Here Jordan stretches the fence. (Notice our barn cat ready to climb into the roll of fencing.)
Stay tuned to see the finished product and our goats enjoying their new home.