Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Special Day

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of our family entering into the wonderful world of "Special Needs". September 16, 2008 is Judah's 2nd Birthday. How very blessed we all are to have this special little boy in our lives! Because of Judah we can truly say that our lives have been changed for the better. As individuals, we are more understanding to those less fortunate than ourselves and we have learned more compassion for those who have a harder time physically. As a family, we have learned to pull together and work as a team to be lights to those around us when we take Judah to his appointments. Today and everyday it is with grateful hearts that we thank God for these two wonderful special years with Judah. May we enjoy many more fabulous years with our special boy!

Judah gives a BIG smile with his tractor cake (made by Big Bru-bru Jordan & De-De)!

Happy Birthaday Judah!


More birthday pictures to come soon!


Kristi Knifong said...

Happy Birthday Judah, we love you too! What adorable pictures of him with his John Deere cake (good job Jordan)! Every boy around here wants a piece of that!
You have such a beautiful family and when I say that I'm really talking about their beautiful hearts. Your children have significantly changed mine for the better. My girls play with younger children with more creativity and love from being around your family. It is so precious to see Judah always in the arms of one of his siblings being included in all the fun (like in the dancing photos). He is blessed to be in your family and it will never be dull!! Thank you to every member of your family for all the love you have generously poured out on our family these last 2 years we've known you. Love from the Knifong family

Our family: said...

Wow! Two years old already! What a cutie you are! Happy Birthday Judah! And "hello" to all the Strang clan from the Willettes!

P.S. I agree that cake is adorable!