Thursday, January 29, 2009

White Elephant at the Wells House!

Every year the Wells have a white elephant where everyone exchanges funny gifts. Here are the pictures from the day!


Everyone having those last-minute-before-you-leave conversations together!

Here are the Patricks, Knifongs, Wells, and us children together.

Back row L-R: Jackson W. Carol P. Jordan S. Judah S. Shiloh S. Annie P. Janet P. Bethany S. Karina W. Tabitha W.

Front row L-R:Grace P. Joseph P. Hogen K. Eden S. Jamie Lyn K. Brie Ella K.

Coffee anyone?

Judah the cute-boy!

Eden posing for a picture. (Notice the chocolate on her lips...? Hmmmm what has she been eating?)

Here is what Eden (and Brie Ella for that matter) were eating!!! Roca! Yum!

Phillip and Carol together.

Shiloh and Bethany (can you see me?).

Jaime Lyn. I like the wistful look on her face.

Judah opening his white elephant gift!

Phillip with his big wooden hammer. I think he is trying to take his nose off!

Phillip watching all the action.

Victor the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed camera man!

Our white elephant tradition is to always play spoons. We've done it for the last three years!
Here is everyone getting set up to play the game.

This was our favorite picture. Special thanks to Phillip "Bip" and Joseph for this shot!!

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Audrey said...

Oh, I miss those White Elephant parties! We still have a gift from the last one we attended years ago) somewhere in our garage...we hung on to it to give at the next one but the Wells moved. One day we will find someone to gift it to. Thanks for sharing the pics!