Friday, February 6, 2009

An Evening of Fellowship and Fun!

We had the pleasure to have the Knifong and Ashmore families come to our house for dinner. We had a great time together! (And we got some great pictures too!)

All the Fathers and Mothers talking together.
Ben wanted me to take a picture of him. This was his pose!
It's time for a good game of "Cat Calls Dog"! (At least that's what we think the game is called!) So watch the action unfold!
Troy (who's animal was a donkey) is making a dash to tag another animal.

Ava (the Chicken) ready to tag the Cat (Shiloh) or the Dog (Jordan). Dog is trying desperately to "point the finger" at someone else or in other words Cat!

Yes, there was a Cat and Dog fight going on! And much to the delight of the Cat, she triumphed!

Me (Mouse) striving desperately to call another animal's name. Whew! I made it that time...

Mouse and Rabbit (Jamie Lyn) are in the line of fire! No, I didn't make it this time.

Brie Ella (in the middle) our goat and Eden our horse (on the far right).

Jamie Lyn played her violin while every sang some worship songs together.

I had the pleasure of being Jamie Lyn's piano accompaniment. It was a lot of fun. Good job Jamie Lyn!
Everyone singing.
Us four Strang children are learning to sing in four-part harmony. This is a picture of us singing together!
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Kristi Knifong said...

That was VERY fun indeed! Thanks again for having us over Strangs! We treasure your family and your friendship!!!!
We're home, yet sick, so that's why I haven't called you yet. All the children are better, but not mom and dad. I'm still waking up at 2am every morning..yuck!
Hope to see you soon!