Friday, January 1, 2010

Who Are YOU?!

Who are you???

Now that we all face the New Year of 2010 (Happy New Year everyone!), we here at EFF would like to know who you are! Yes! That's right! Have you been lurking on our blog without leaving a comment?! Well, if you have been, then it's time to tell us who you are!!!

Yes, I have a feeling there's you in Washington, there's you in Canada, there's you in California and so on...

So please!!! Comment!!! We are dying to hear from you!

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A yearning to hear from you...

P.S. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Mikell and Maddie for guessing correctly on this picture! That was impressive! It is Bethany and Shiloh (respectively). Good job! (Everyone guessed Eden and Bethany.) :)

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Joy said...

Well, there are the Deffinbaughs from Shelton... ;)

Jessica said...

I confess I did it!! I don't know what I did, but it was me!!

I am lurking as Green Gardening Girl and I am really Jessica P.

Our Family said...

Happy New Year from the Cochran's!!!

Gwennie said...

Happy New Year!!!

Mikell said...

My name is Mikell Desmond, and I have been lurking on your blog for the last 1 or 2 years! :)

Tricia said...

Hey Strangs, especially Bethany as I believe it was you who asked me who I am.

I am doing well thank you. Just started school.

Talk to you later,

Tricia Joy

Mary Petersen said...

Hello Strang family,

We are old friends from Southern California. If you remember us from homeschooling at Village Bible, we are Larry & Mary Petersen + Megan, Brad, Kevin, Luke and you may not know that we had 2 more: Grace & Abigayle

We found your blog through Blair Brown's blog and it was a pleasant surprise to see how you all are doing.

God bless you! ~ Mary Petersen

Bethany Ward said...

I am so sorry but today I was skimming over the sample of VW. I notice that for the contest there must be a VW magazine in the picture or drawing, sorry! Maybe you can still use the drawing and picture though in later issues. Thanks for the comment on my blog! God bless!
Bethany Ward
P.S. I will send the money for the subscription soon!

Zumstein Family said...

I am one of a family `of fourteen and saw you at the Smyth family Christmas music thing in 08. MY sisters and I played Violin, Flute, Recorder,and Piano.
I've enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing the love you have for one another and God!
Keep the good work up on your instruments you sound great!
Hope to see you again sometime.
God bless,

A. for the Zumstein's