Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Barn Conversation

Shiloh: I can't believe it! The "big day" was in May and it's still April! What do you think Bethany?

Bethany: I agree! Good thing I saw that when I did... otherwise, the results could have been disastrous!

Shiloh: I was sad that we missed "it"! I really was looking forward to that event in May!

Bethany: Right... but at least everything went smoothly. Oh, she's just so good about things like that!

Shiloh: Now I was expecting a few boys, but I'm glad we did get a girl--she's beautiful!! I'm now looking forward to what we get to do in May... Any comments, Bethany?

Bethany: No kidding! (Oops! Did I just say that?) Oh, yes! Just thinking about May makes me thirsty!

Have you guessed what happened here yet from our "Barn Conversation"? Yes! You're right! No kidding... We've got kids! Windy kidded two adorable little kids today--one buck and one doe. We were all taken by surprise because we thought her due date was May 17th! The kids are healthy and doing well! As to the due date... May 17th... well we are looking forward to milk and lots of it too!! Enjoy the very first pictures!


Windy says "hello" to her twins

The Buck... Isn't cute? He's all buck too--you can see it in his face!

The little girl... she's perfectly pretty!


Windy takes care of her little ones.

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Shiloh & Bethany



Green Gardening Girl said...

I wish we lived near y'all so I could hold them!! I love baby goats. Our violin teacher has goats and their field is full of sets of three and two. The triplets are especially precious!!


Grandpa and Grandma said...

Cute little babies!

-MissD said...

Hi Bethany!!
I love the post! You and Shiloh do a great job on doing blog posts! Keep up the good work!!

-Miss D.

mikell said...

Oh, they are so cute! The closeup of the buck is so adorable - what pretty blue eyes! It was fun reading your "blog conversation".:)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Thank you for your comment, Mikell! The kids are so cute! Judah's favorite is the buck. :)


Seven Sisters said...

Awww...I love baby goats! This year we got 22 of them, but one died.