Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Virtual Tour... (Part 1)


Our family has been very busy with Vision Forum's Virtual Tour of 2,000 years of History of Christianity and Western Civalization in Two Weeks.  Check it out HERE.  We are really enjoying it and are learning so much!!

For those of you who *really* know us...  Then you know that we love dressing up!  So we decided to dress up each night for what we are studying on that particular day...  We hope you enjoy the pictures and the little history notes!

Our first day was Rome.  The picture on the left is all of us girls and Judah dressing up Roman.  Shiloh decided to be a lady she named Claudia, Bethany is Flavia, Eden is a little Roman girl, and Judah was named Casius.

Shiloh decided to dress as a rich Roman lady with a simple ankle-length tunic known as a "Stolla" and a wool covering which was called a "Palla".  Romans loved fancy hair-dos so Shiloh has the style of a curly bun and a veil.  Brides wore veils with very bright colors such as orange--the colors of flames.

Bethany is another rich lady although she picked the "look" of a married Roman lady.  Do you like her make-up?  Roman women wore an extreme amount of make-up.  First they painted their faces white and then they rubbed red or purple coloring on their cheeks or lips.  They outlined their eyes with black eye shadow and even outlined their veins in their neck, arms, and legs with blue paint.

Here's a close up of De-De:

Our boys looked great!

Isn't Judah cute?

Rome Day 2

Disclaimer: Please note that since this dress-up day I have studied Venus in depth and have decided that had known before hand all that I know now I would have had a very different opinion. On another note: I wouldn’t suggest studying her either.
On Day Two we (girls) all picked out differen goddesses to dress up as.

Bethany: Goddess of War
Eden: Goddess of Hunting
Shiloh: Goddess of Love

Don't you like the tape pack Venus is holding??

How thankful we truly are that we don't have to put our faith in a god or goddess like the Romans.  We have the Lord Jesus Christ!!

Rome Day 3

Next we did Christians in Rome...

Shiloh was a Jewish maiden (Miriam) married to a Christian Roman (Marcus) from a book she read. 
Pearl-Maiden: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem
Bethany was a Christian which was supposed to have been thrown into the Colosseum.   

Eden was a little Roman slave girl...  Who amazingly actually was a Christian!!

Action Shot:

We enjoyed learning about Rome!

Check Back Soon for More Updates!  Coming Soon: Pompeii and Geneva!!

Note: Also for those interested we have posted mostly all of our pictures Rome Day 1, Rome Day 2, and Rome Day 3.

In closing....  Here's a very famous quote: "I came, I saw, I conquered."  Can anyone guess who said it (without doing an Internet search)??  Leave us a comment with your answer and we will let you know who has the right answer!



Nate @ Practical Manliness said...

I am guessing that the person who said "I came, I saw, I conquered" was Julius Caesar?

Shelbi said...

Hmmm.... I'll guess Alexander the Great??

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hello Shelbi & Nate,

Nate: You are right... Julius Caesar. Good job!

Shelbi: Thank you for trying!

We love saying this quote as it's one our mother often read to us when she read history out loud...

I hope you'll enjoy the next post's question. :)

~Shiloh for the Whole Family

Green Gardening Girl said...

I think Shiloh's makeup takes the cake on these!! But Bethany looks good to in her outfit!! I like the boys costumes too!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hello Green Gardening Girl:

It was fun studying the Romans and I decided that I am very thankful I am not Roman!

Bethany's costume was a sheet. :) It was hard to get around in that. :)

~Shiloh for All