Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jordan's 15th Birthday!

Today we celebrate Jordan William's 15th Birthday!  For a long time, Jordan was our favorite brother... that is until Judah came a long... but we love them both just the same!
Enjoy the post about our brother.  Oh, and be sure to comment at the end! :)

From day 1, Jordan was welcomed into our family...

Awww!  He was such a little cute guy!
But he wasn't the youngest for long...

Because De-De came along!
And that left Jordan the only boy...
Oh, but he was a good brother!
To each and everyone of his sisters...
...(including the "Bobcat"!)
But then a very exciting thing happened!
Jordan was blessed with his very own brother!!!
So our family grew...
...And Jordan was happy!

It's always a joy to see Big Sis helping Lil' Bro! :)

And Jordan helps us out around the farm by being our "Chicken Man"!
But of course he's always ready to jump into a good game of Baseball!

Jordan loves to eat... (Mr. Pizza-Face!)

...Plays the piano really well...

...And is a Speech Champ!

But he also loves his crazy sisters...

...And joins in the fun with them...


Jordan is always ready to start a conversation...

...But who knows when it will finish!!!

When Jordan is not talking, he might be caught on camera (by his sisters!)...
...Playing a game...
...Dancing (on a log)...

...Or in a parking garage!

All in all, he's a great brother.
What would we do without him!?

I don't know.

But I do know that God has blessed us all with a wonderful brother!

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Life wouldn't be the same without you!


Love your Family,

Daddy, Mommy, Shiloh, Bethany, Eden, & Judah

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

You are such a great big brother...and, you are my favorite big brother! ;)
We sure do love our beloved Pooh Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you Jordan!
God has blessed me with a GREAT brother!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

"Who said that!?"

Happy Birthday Jordan!
Even though you are my little brother, I still look up to you because you're taller than me. Oh, well... that just means I have a fabulous dancing partener! :)

I love you!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...


Happy Birthday Jordan!

I love you!

Love, Shiloh

P.S. It's the Nar-a-tor... ;)

Gwennie said...

Happy birthday, Jordan!

Green Gardening Girl said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!

You seem to be quite the character!!!


Green Gardening Girl said...

Oh, I love the map at the bottom!! But we could only color 4 states... maybe 5!!


Green Gardening Girl said...

I like Shiloh's comment about the "Narator" because that is our favorite Pooh Bear line!!!