Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Model of Blood...

This past week, I made a model of blood for a science experiment. I used corn syrup for the plasma, red hots for the red blood cell, white jelly beans for the white blood cells, and sprinkles for the platelets in our bodies.
So please! Sit back and enjoy the pictures!!!!

All of my labeled ingredients.

Step One: Pour the "plasma" in a bowl...
Step Two: Pour the "Red Blood Cells" in... 
Step Three: Drop your "White Blood Cells" in....
Step Four: Now the Sprinkles! 
 And Lastly... ::Drum Roll, Please!:: THE FINISHED PRODUCT!
Oh...and then the picture of me holding it... (Right after mommy took the picture, the model did a nice big drip on the floor! It wasn't that easy to clean it up!!!! ;))

So there you have it!

I hoped you like that!
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