Wednesday, November 23, 2011

National Adoption Day

In honour of November 19th, which is National Adoption Day, we hosted a showing of the new documentary "Rescued".  It was a wonderful film about adoption and we really enjoyed it!
We had a wonderful day of fellowship with our friends the D. family.
Here are the pictures!
We started out the evening with our famous Bible game!
When ever another family comes over, Daddy puts together a Bible trivia game before we eat.  We divide into teams--Boys against Girls!--and put our heads together.  The team who wins gets to go through the food line first... and sometimes they even get an extra helping of ice cream, but I think that is more of a saying than actually true!
Oh, and Daddy put the game together like "Jeopardy!"
The Girls Team!
(Go Girls!)
The Boy Team!
Daddy giving out a question...
Us Girls thinking, thinking, thinking...
And we won!!!
For the record... we only lost once!  :)
(Sorry Boys!)

After dinner, Shiloh introduced us to the movie.  She was our movie host, you know!
The little ones...

And the whole group!
In case you are wondering who took the picture... I set up my camera for a "self-picture"!  We were quite pleased with the results and amazed that we got everyone in the shot!  :)
It was a wonderful evening!
The official movie trailer.

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