Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Music Blessing Night

Megan on the violin
This is a post that should have been posted looooooooooooong ago, but better late then never so here it is!  In honor of Bethany's 18th birthday we invited several friends over for a shared meal and Music Blessing Night.

Mahala C.
Eating & Talking
After dinner everyone headed out to the incredibly cold barn for the official Music Night where everyone had something to share!

Bethany & Kathrina on the violins
Durmaz children singing their ABC Scripture Songs
Bethany Janzen on the harp
Graham Desmond on the piano
Brie Ella singing and playing the piano
Maddie Desmond on the violin, playing her incredible classical piece!
Evan & Elanee Smythe~ piano duet
Noah C. on the piano playing his own hymn arrangements
Yvonne Smythe playing a lovely Christmas piece
Jordan on the piano
A song & hymn sung by: Eden, Mikell Desmond, & Mahala C.

Watching and keeping warm~ or trying to keep warm. :)
Sarah, Kathrina, & Noah Bisceglia with some jigs on the piano, violin, & guitar
"A Mighty Fortress" with Eden on the piano & myself on the harp.  I look very dramatic here, but in reality~ I'm only changing the note by lifting the lever. :)
The final hymn with nearly everyone (that could fit) on stage.
Piano: Noah & Jordan
Violins: Kathina, Bethany, & Maddie
Singing: Eden, Shiloh, & Mikell
 Well, a hope you've enjoyed this "long over due" post. :)

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