Monday, March 26, 2012

Of Mice, Rocks, & Bricks

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Today, I got to clean out the nest of three mice who had moved into our goat supply shed.  Maybe more, but I didn't take the time to check.  In order to keep me company and help me live through cleaning up this scary mess I took along my three youngest siblings on the adventure of the epic, "Who Can Find the Mouse Game".  Eventually, the clean up became a wonderful object lesson as I showed Judah (5), Havilah (5), and Benjamin (3) how mice build their houses out of shredded up trash. 

"Shiloh, there is a glove!" Benjamin announced to which I replied, "Yes, the mouse went and took that out of the trash and put it in his house.  Are we supposed to live in trash?"  Havilah answered with a very solemn, "No."  Finally after cleanning a bit more, Judah announced: "Shiloh, when I get married, I am going to build my house out of rocks and bricks and more rocks and bricks!"

Moral of the story according to the 5 year old: We should live in houses built of rocks and bricks... not trash.

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Cochran Family said...

Eeek!! I can't decide which I dislike more - mice or spiders. :) I'm sure cleaning up the mouse mess wasn't fun though!!

I love the moral of the story. :)

Hope you're doing well!