Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Havilah!

Is she really six now?  She sure is!

This a very special birthday post for one very special girl!
 Havilah enjoys a moment of... creativity!

 Her special dolly that was given to her shortly after she came home.

First lessons in baking!

Trying out bowling... let me tell you, that was a sight!

If there is something fun going on, Havilah is definitely going to be there!

 And especially when it is "Girl Time"!

Havilah is always ready for a smile!

It is special to share moments as siblings...

These are the things that really count in life!

A lovely picture of her!

Waiting to join her "Forever Family".

Can't miss those opportunities to do something FUN!

Happy Birthday!

We love you Havilah!


Shiloh said...

I love you, Havilah Tirfe!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our special friend! We love you Havilah!

The Smythes

Shelbi said...

Happy birthday Havilah!

Eden said...

Happy Bday, Havilah!


Eden said...

Happy Bday, Havilah!


Brad said...

Happy birthday Havilah!