Thursday, September 13, 2012

Texas Trip Part 1

Okay.  I admit it... I got a little behind on posting.  :)  The business of Summer took it's toll and had me caught up with all the craziness!
This is a two-part post about a trip we took back in July.  We had the wonderful opportunity to be able to travel to Texas for the Vision Forum Food Conference!  To make the trip even better, we traveled with the S. family!  Instead of having a good time, we had a blast!

Some of the photo credits go to Elanee and Evan S.

 This little guy was so excited to use his new backpack!

Looking out over the runway.

That's one of Jordan's favorite shirts!  

We were thankful for safe travels as we arrived in San Antonio!  This was one of the two cars we rented... yes, two cars.

All tired out from a long day of flying.

 All us girls had a delightful time going to the Ladies Tea.

 Waiting to enter the ballroom with the S. ladies.

 We were very blessed to meet the W. family.  Judah and Daniel are special friends!

 Looking lovely.

Tea time!

 Accidents do happen...

Someone referred to this picture as "The Bennet Sisters!"

 Heading down the River Walk.

 Shiloh, Ben, and Eden meet up with a horse!

 Lots of people to meet!

What did I say?  Accidents happen...

Because the S. family had a hotel room right next door to us... that meant late night, lots of laughter, and fun memories!
Eden gives the fedora a try!

Oh, and we can't forget the pranks!!!
Mr. S. and I quickly found out that "Devious minds think alike!"

 Right in the middle of the conference was Daddy's birthday!  The excitement amounted during the day as we had a special plan in mind for that evening...

 I enjoyed getting to meet the L. family.

 It was very fun to meet the Dugger ladies!  They did an excellent talk for girls on relationships.  It really was Food for Thought!

 It was so nice to see Adeline M. again!  We met her family about seven years ago at one of the Father/Daughter Retreats.

Meeting Antoinette K. for the first time in person was delightful!

Abigail G. was a very fun person.

 Jordan and Garrison L. just happened to be look-alikes one day!

The Mac Pack.

 This man was so tall Judah and I (the short ones!) had to get a picture with him.  He happily obliged.

Meeting Mrs. Dugger was also a special treat!

 For Daddy's birthday, we went out to Chipotle for dinner.  Our family had never been there before, but we will definitely go there again sometime!

 Having a good time!

 Back at the hotel, the festivities continued with ice cream...

 ...and fun games!

Stayed tuned for Part 2!!!

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

If that picture is the Bennett sisters... I'm Elizabeth. :D ;-)

Shelbi said...

I LOVE the "Bennet sisters photo"! You all look so lovely and elegant! Glad you all had a good time in the Great State of Texas (and enjoyed Chipotle). : )