Sunday, April 7, 2013

Choir Performance

Prior to Resurrection Day, we sang a Cantata featuring the story of the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

 Shiloh, Elanee S, and Eden took care of the Soprano section... yes, in other words, the melody!

 Beware of Altos!  This was the smallest Alto section ever... with only four of us and there were points where one of us would be singing a solo and that left us with three Altos!

 Evan S and Jordan taking up the more manly side of things.

 Well, they haven't learned to sing in a choir... yet.

 Shiloh, Eden, and I were blessed to sing one of the trio solo parts!

   After going through the piano that had 19 pencils in it!  Someone was missing some pencils.

We played Celtic Prelude Music with our choir director to open the concert.
(Yes, Jordan is playing the piano... somehow he ended up ducking right when the picture was taken!)

 Performance time!

 I'm positive Evan S was only singing eight bass notes...
(Inside joke!)

 Singing the trio.
(Eden also sang the opening solo and did a wonderful job on it, but unfortunately we didn't get a picture of it!)
 I love singing Alto!!!
(I never really look that great while singing... I think I'm too expressive!)
 The whole choir.
Mrs. S. was an amazing narrator!  I'm so glad we talked her into it... or maybe it was the angels.  ;)
 This picture really captured our personalities...
Bethany J and Elanee S are posing for the camera, I'm up to some plan, and meanwhile Eden and Yvonne S. are going to give me a knock on the head!
 The whole gang and our wonderful director!
 Mommy and Mrs. S.  Two Godly women that I love!
 After the final performance, the J. family graciously invited us over for banana splits!
Um, how do you say "no" to ice cream?!
 "Can I pleeeease have some ice cream?"
Oh great.  How do you say "no" to that face?!
 Kathrina B. looking so pretty!
 The whole evening was delightful with laughter, fun, four-on-a-couch, and more!
This picture really captures a unique angle of all the festivities. 
 Having a delightful time with Heather V.

And then... this barbershop trio showed up for a quick encore!

Thanks to everyone who joined us!

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Elanee Smythe said...

Great pictures:) and excellent comments:) this truly was a very special time:) I'm so glad we got to sing with you all :)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I'm so glad you all joined us!