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2013 Christian Heritage Conference

The Christian Heritage Conference is the highlight of the year!  We all enjoy seeing friends, meeting new people, hearing inspirational speakers, and singing the chorale.  This year there was almost 3,600 people!  There is one bad aspect: it goes by way too fast.  However, our family makes the best of it and you can see how much fun we had in the following pictures.

 Crossing the river into Washington state.

 We decided to make a day trip out of the traveling, so we stopped to shop.
Eden couldn't convenience anyone (including herself) that these sunglasses looked great on her.
We were surprised to find lots of wedding dresses and many of them were designed by "Eden".  Is it a sign from the Lord?!

 We also found this incredible Western shop filled with all sorts of fun stuff!

 Checking out the boots...

Try before you buy!
(Not like I was going to buy them anyway, but I just couldn't come up with a better caption!)

 Shiloh and the purple cowgirl hat!

 Waiting at the hitching post.

 Judah takes aim!

 Ben in a cowboy hat.

 Ride 'em cowboy!

The conference was huge!

 No wonder!  It was Dr. Voddie Bachum speaking!

I'm wondering if we might outgrow this facility one day...

Apparently this is what our family looks like during a session...

The chorale sessions are the best!  Mr. Craig does an amazing job of getting about 250 young people to sing together in four short rehearsals.

 Danny Craig also conducted one of the songs this year. 
Here Danny instructs us all in the art of fishface to enhance the vocal capabilities.

Actually it was quite hilarious!  Fortunately us Altos got off the hook when it came to actually singing that way...!

For me, the best thing about conferences is meeting other people.  And that's exactly what I did!
 Eden with Lucia M. who we get to see every year here.

 I had been corresponding with Susi K. ever since the 2012 conference, so finally meeting her in person was wonderful!

 It was a pleasant surprise to meet up with Liddy Voetberg at the very end of the first day.
I got to spend a lot of time with Madi A. (who I met for the first time at the conference) because we were two short altos!

 On the evening of the second day, the chorale performs.
 Here we are lining up on the risers (which didn't hold all of us anyway!)

 There's Shiloh in the Soprano section...

 Eden with the Sopranos (or maybe the Sopranos are with Eden... I'm really not so sure).

 Jordan with a very funny expression in the Tenor section.

Me with my "short group" in the Alto section.
(I believe I take singing very seriously.)

Mr. Craig our outstanding director!!!

 2013 Christian Heritage Chorale

 Caught a little smirk from Judah!

After the conference, we have a special tradition where we host a party in the lobby of our hotel.  This was our biggest yet and it was fun to fellowship with the other families.
There was so many people that we ran out of chairs!

 Having a great time together.
We might have to find another location is it gets bigger next year (which I'm sure it will)!

Elsie D... the life of the party!

One the way home we stopped at the H. family's home to visit their church.
Judah with the sword of Spirit and the shield of faith!

Tired and happy after a long and joyful weekend! 
(Thanks to Brad P. for getting this family photo.)

Let me tell you... there are two bad things about conferences: 1) It's over way to quickly, 2) You have to say goodbye.  I think that is the worst part!
On our car drive home, I told my family, "When we all get to heaven, it's going to be one big, never ending Christian Heritage Conference!"

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Sherry said...

Our girls enjoyed joining your party in the hotel! :) We are wondering where that Western store is? We saw a sign for one near Tacoma. Was it that one? We hope we will catch up with you again Bible Bee if not before!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Yes, we were glad they could join us! :)
The Western store was right outside the Centralia Outlets. It was a really neat store and I'm glad I spotted it!
That would be wonderful. :)

Patrizia said...

I too have had the privilege to hear Voddie speak! WOW, he is packed with personality, really enjoyed him. Great post :)

Jordan Strang said...

Wow! So that's what we looked like at the conference?!?! j/k

I don't think my face was _that_ funny! I'm just that type of person!