Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday Fun

Hello Everyone...

Here's some fun pics from Wednesday! :)  On Wednesday Mommy had to take Eden to voice, Bethany to violin, and Jordan had to go too so that left the little kids, Daddy, and I at home.  When I'm left with the littles we call it a "Little Kid Day" which usually means that we will do something fun or out of the ordinary.  Benjamin got to work with Daddy so meanwhile Havilah, the Cowboy, and I all worked on different projects.

Havilah is learning to write so she wrote a letter to her friend, Faith, Judah is helping me design something with his budding artwork, and I just wrote lots of midwifery definitions down. :)  Glad I finally found something that can keep them busy so that I can at least finish a little work too!

With it being "Little Kid Day" (oh, did I mention- I'm always included in that day too!  HA!) we had to have something fun!!! We're still going to take the tramp under the staircase-- someday, but today there was a very, little Three Twins Vanilla Ice Cream left.  Who could pass up on that?  Yum!

Then after naps and little boys chasing goats in the rain...  Havilah and I jumped into doing beads-- it took 2 hours...  whew!  There are 24 braids this time and 112 beads!  :)  Here's to hopeing it stays in.....  forever. :)
a cute smile from Havilah~

And this is just a random photo to end this post....  or maybe not so random if you caught that section about "Judah is helping me design something" . :)  Yep, it's connected.....  Keep an eye out sometime Mid-July on this blog - oh, that is if I remember to post it here....  I'll try. :)

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Elanee Smythe said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! I wish I could have siblings young enough to do things like this!