Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Late Summer

 We had a few last hurrah's before Summer officially ended (yes, some of us didn't want it to end), so enjoy these pictures from our fun times!

We were blessed to host the 2013 Christian Heritage Homeschool Kickoff Picnic with the wonderful V. family.  It was a blast!  Although we only had about three days to prepare everything, it all worked out to be a wonderful event.

 Our job was having the organized games.  That looks like a pretty organized Frisbee game!  

 Then there was the Guy's Tug-Of-War.

And Girl's Tug-Of-War.


 Innocent bystanders that look kind of guilty...

 Thanks to Dave B, we were able to have an unplanned sack race!  Dave brought his sacks and asked me if we could add those to the games.  I was thrilled because I had wanted to do that, but didn't have the sacks for it!

 Noah C. won the Guy's Sack Race.  He was fast!

 Only four brave girls volunteered to do the Girl's Sack Race!
 I'm telling you, the other girls missed out; we had so much fun!

 And hurray for short people... I won!

 Three Legged Race...
I think this was our most popular game.

Ready, Set, Go!
 Jordan and Noah C. won the race, with Eden and Mahala C. right behind them!

 Uh oh... it looks like someone didn't make it tied together the whole way!

 Crossing the finish line.

 A Father-Daughter team.

 After all the games, we listened to an excellent message by Mr. Bradrick.

 I got to sit by this little guy!

Next Update...

I was honored to be interview in the local newspaper about winning the grand prize with our video, Him and Her.  It was a blessing to be able to share about my grandparents, their legacy, and what they mean to me.  I was quite excited to see that the article was on the front page of the paper!

Next Update...

 Some good friends of ours hosted an End of Summer Ball.  It was our first time really trying out our feet at English Country Dancing (we had done a few dances before, but never a whole ball!) and really enjoyed it.

 Dancing on the lawn in the sun was just delightful.

 This was during one of the craziest Posties Jig I've ever done!

 Shiloh is having fun!

 Working out the last figures...

Little Girls!

 The Christmas lights were so pretty!

We danced way into the night, enjoying the company of friends and the last rays of Summer.

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Kyle Bowes said...

Just saying, that sack race was totally rigged against tall people! ;-) Jordon was awesome facilitating the games, especially his engineering of that crazy relay race. I loved his sense of humor. :0)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

LOL! True... and don't forget... it was our group that made it 2nd in that relay race. :D


The Bowes Family said...

Ah, those were some very fun end-of-summer events! We thank you all so much for helping put-on the CH picnic and for your kind hospitality. The games were truly awesome!! (I enjoyed WATCHING them very much! :-) We were soooo grateful that we were able to be a part of both the CH picnic and the potluck/dance. What a blessing they both were to our family! We so enjoyed meeting you all! And are now looking forward to the upcoming autumn events. : -)

We are super excited with you about the article on your Him and Her video hitting the front page of the newspaper! No doubt, a sweet part of God's continued hand and blessings upon it!

Thanks for all the great pictures and updates! We love it!

Robyn, for the Bowes Family : -)

Jordan Strang said...

@Kyle: And you're wondering why I didn't do it?! ;) Just kidding, I know you're taller than me!!! :)

@Bethany: Wow! That was sort of a crash post on three weeks smashed into about 25 pictures... What's next?!?!? :|

Kyle Bowes said...

@Jordon: Ah, I see . . . The truth comes out! You knew the sack race was already rigged against us taller folk! And I begin to understand why you facilitated the relay race as well--so you could stand back and laugh at the general public hopping, skipping, loping on all fours, running backwards, and in general making ourselves look very funny,if not foolish! I tip my cap to you, friend, for your clever scheming. Next time, however, you will not be so lucky. I will insist on you joining our "fun". I have already begun thinking of what your part in the next relay race could be. Cartwheels, perhaps? ;-D

@Bethany: Yes, and if the first place team had an even amount of racers(pause to glare at the facilitator of the race), we might have won! Oh well, we'll get 'em next time! :0)