Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bethany Rose!


Happy 20th Birthday to Bethany!!!

Bethany fainted ever so gracefully into her 20th year.....  ok just kidding.

She actually "ever so gracefully" ran into her 20th year. :)

The Lord has greatly blessed with Bethany Rose for two decades and we hope for many more decades!

1993 ~ 

::insert 20 years::

20 years~

Enjoy the picture collages below of Bethany through the years. :)

Click to make larger!

Random fun pictures with Bethany :)

Filmmaking and acting..... 

We love Apple.  Mac is the best- period.

We love to sing together!

We love dressing up!  If you can name everyone's character they are portraying in this picture 
~ you win! :)

Bethany and I (Shiloh) have always had a real sense of style.....  ;-)

Can't you tell?
We reenacted the Ugly Step sisters from Disney's Cinderella completed with singing and acting!


We always make time for special girl time! :)
Doing hair~

 Going places~

Bethany and her dear violin~

We're so Thankful to have Bethany in our family!

Happy Birthday, Bethany Rose!  May the Lord bless your 20th year and for many more years to come!  We love you!

All of us:

Shiloh - Jordan - Eden - Judah - Havilah - Benjamin


Bethany said...

Thank you, Shiloh!

I love you all!

The Bowes Family said...

Happy 20th Birthday, Bethany Rose! (We love your beautiful name!) We pray that our Lord will bless your coming year with more of His abundant blessings as you love and serve Him ever more! We thank God for you . . . your life is a blessing to all who know you!
Rejoicing with you all!
With love,
Mrs. Bowes, for all of us

Elanee said...

Happy Birthday Bethany! Hope your year gives you lots of laughs, and helps you focus on Christ more and more.

Kyle Bowes said...

Happy birthday!

So . . . did you go bowling? ;0)

Lydia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bethany! (Too bad happy doesn't start with a "B"!)
I look forward to getting you know you more in the near future! Enjoyed all of the cute pictures of you and your family :-)

Bethany said...

Bowes Family: Thank you for your sweet words! It has been wonderful getting to know you all.

Elanee: Thanks! About the laughs... I'm sure it will. ;)

Kyle: Actually no. :P We watched some movies instead and stayed up past midnight. :D (And we were up past midnight the night before laughing over family jokes!)

Lydia: Thank you!

Jordan Strang said...

Happy Birthday Bet!

Hard to believe you're actually twenty... I mean, I remember you when you were just a baby........... I mean, when you always were taller than me and won me at everything and all that! (But I finally won the tall game!)

You been a great inspiration to me over the years. Sometimes, you even taught me things... Like the time you tutored me in tree swinging and I learned that duct tape can fix broken limbs in the same way a tree branch is grafted. :P (Yes. The tree swinging was your idea!)

And then there was (and continues to be) all the "think and say the same things" experiences.

I can say one thing... My life wouldn't have been the same without you for an older sister... For one thing, I wouldn't have had an older sister! ;)

And isn't it sad that for the past two years, I have to study and work on your birthday? You would think I could get the day off!!!

haha! Thanks for being amazing1 I love you!


Bethany said...

Thank you, Jordan! I love you too. You are my very special friend and confident. (Of course you did forget to mention the time I gave you some of my wisdom in the matters of how to catch rats, how to get the bike ramp up in the tree, how to repel, and how to parachute. Well, _all_ of them did fail--some even costing me injuries--but the memories are still priceless! Yes, I'll stop bring up things because I wouldn't want to spoil our reputations...) :P