Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Lesson!

The little kids had their very, first lesson today!  They did very well with only one mishap...  one little boy jumped in as told to by an instructor and was immediately pulled out by a sibling when the instructor turned his back (Ben can't swim at all just yet!) ;-)

Here's Judah with a lady that he happened to already know....  it helps when the barber displays your picture up in a small town...
Above Havilah uses some floaty devices and Judah below on his belly~
Benjamin learns to float~
Judah had a moment to relax~
Benjamin and Havilah~
Looking forward to having little swimmers. :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lake O

That's what the locals call it.  
However, if you're not familiar with this area, you will probably find yourself referring to it as Lake Oswego (which, of course, it it's real name).
A few weekends ago, we decided to take a day trip out to visit the lake and tour the city. 

It was a gorgeous day!

 Go Judah!  He can crank out a good amount of pushups.

Mr. Mallard (I think) from Make Way for Ducklings.

 This was a historic landmark of a huge iron furnace.
It looked rather Medieval under the arches.

 We walked around the whole thing... wait...

Judah?!  How in the world did he get up there?!

There were bars on all the entrances, so it kind of looked like a jail inside it.

 Judah climbed the bars, but Shiloh didn't!

 Jordan decided that he would have a better view of the lake from this angle...

 As you can tell, we were totally fine leaving him up there.
(Just kidding!)

 When someone goes to take a self-picture, just smile because it will make it look like you were suppose to be in the picture...

 Eden and I made it out to the rocks!

Ballet is a workout too.

Lunch Time!

 After lunch, we went hiking in the woods to take a look at where the water went.

 Do Not Disturb!

 Shiloh forging the stream.

 The sunlight looked so pretty shinning through the old bridge.

 That tree was huge!

 We get to climb the log next, don't we???

 After our hike, we went out on the town.

 The little fountain was a hit with the kids!

That moment when you realize the fountain could spray higher............

 Checking out the city's "art".

No, I don't think these newcomers classified it as art.

Judah got to ride the pony!

All seven of us on the train tracks at the end of a fun and special day!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day...

To our amazing Daddy!

We our so blessed by our father's Christlike example in each of our lives.  His love for the Lord, his love for his family, and his love for God's Word.

Happy Father's Day!  We love you!

"But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night." 
~Psalm 1:2

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday Fun

Hello Everyone...

Here's some fun pics from Wednesday! :)  On Wednesday Mommy had to take Eden to voice, Bethany to violin, and Jordan had to go too so that left the little kids, Daddy, and I at home.  When I'm left with the littles we call it a "Little Kid Day" which usually means that we will do something fun or out of the ordinary.  Benjamin got to work with Daddy so meanwhile Havilah, the Cowboy, and I all worked on different projects.

Havilah is learning to write so she wrote a letter to her friend, Faith, Judah is helping me design something with his budding artwork, and I just wrote lots of midwifery definitions down. :)  Glad I finally found something that can keep them busy so that I can at least finish a little work too!

With it being "Little Kid Day" (oh, did I mention- I'm always included in that day too!  HA!) we had to have something fun!!! We're still going to take the tramp under the staircase-- someday, but today there was a very, little Three Twins Vanilla Ice Cream left.  Who could pass up on that?  Yum!

Then after naps and little boys chasing goats in the rain...  Havilah and I jumped into doing beads-- it took 2 hours...  whew!  There are 24 braids this time and 112 beads!  :)  Here's to hopeing it stays in.....  forever. :)
a cute smile from Havilah~

And this is just a random photo to end this post....  or maybe not so random if you caught that section about "Judah is helping me design something" . :)  Yep, it's connected.....  Keep an eye out sometime Mid-July on this blog - oh, that is if I remember to post it here....  I'll try. :)

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Random Picture

Jordan stumbled across this picture of the two of us during a mic check last year and neither of us had even seen it before! 

I thought it was rather artsy, despite the slight blurriness.  ;)

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!

Today is Benjamin turned 5!  A very special age for such a big boy!

Judah insisted that we get special party hats for his birthday...  We had a very fun breakfast!

Happy Birthday Ben!  We love you lots!