Thursday, January 9, 2014

Serious Shoppers

We know how to have fun... especially when we go shopping at the Goodwill--which, of course, is any big family's favorite place to shop!

The shoes section attracts us like a magnet and we always end up trying to find the worst pair of shoes possible.  (I really can't find a good pair of shoes anyway, because the average person doesn't have feet as small as mine!)

After church last week, we had too much fun browsing the always-eyebrow-raising shoe section and couldn't resist taking just a few pictures...

I really like this picture!  It ended up looking really artsy. ;)
 No comment about the extreme height difference.
 Which shoe would you wear?!

I'm wearing Italian Designer shoes, Jordan is wearing something, and Shiloh... what is Shiloh wearing?!

  The tallest shoes I've ever tried on.  And they didn't help after all.
They were also the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn.  Within seconds, my feet hurt and I probably would have toppled over if I tried to walk anywhere!

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Elanee said...

Wow those are quite the shoes:) we all got a big laugh out of them. Especially yours and Shiloh's:)

It's been quite a while since we've been into Goodwill.....but last time we were at a thirst store, I tried on these shoes with over a 6" heel, and just about fell over. I can't imagine how anyone could walk comfortably in those kind of shoes.

Jordan's shoes don't look bad....did he get them?

Krista M.V. said...

This is what my family does when we go "shopping". LOL. Heels are fun, but those are just ridiculous! :)

Fun Family said...

I luv your outifits! Especially the heels!

Emily P.