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2014 Christian Heritage Conference

div style="text-align: center;"> This is the event of the year for our family!  Surrounded by crowds of other like-minded Believers, listening to thought-provoking messages, and participating in various musical performances, you can probably put things together and guess why we enjoy it so much.  Oh, of course it helps that it is a huge social event as well... I mean, in my family, every one is a social butterfly!

(Oh, and I should mention that there was a very special event in April that I haven't got around to posting about yet.  It will be up here soon!)

Thanks to Paul L. and Evan S. for taking some of these pictures... you can tell which ones they took because of the super amazing camera lenses!  ;)

 Eden and I in the back of our looong van.

 This is the typical trying-to-decide-what-session-I-want-to-attend moment.  ;)

 The big auditorium.

 This is my Cute Boy!

 Listening to one of the speakers.

The vendor hall.  A
n Extrovert simply does not go through this room without stopping to talk at least 53 times.

 Wave to anyone you recognize! 

I had the amazing opportunity to meet and get a picture with Mr. Ken Ham!

The first evening, both Jordan and Eden performed as soloists in the Family Music Night.  
Jordan and Eden waiting on their mic check..
...And that was when I decided it would be nice to meet Ken Ham.  ;)

Apparently this is what musicians do backstage.
We had lots of friends who also performed that evening.  Everyone did so well!  God was glorified and the listeners were blessed!

Evan S. performed a prelude with an amazing hymn arrangement.

  Eden brought the house down with "The Holy City".  This was her first time doing a performance this big and she was wonderful!

The Bisecglia sister as Whispering Roses played a lovely Baroque piece with Ross L. on the saxophone.

And last but not least, Jordan played Chopin's Revolutionary Etude.  That was a smashing success!

Elanee, Shiloh, Eden, Jordan, Evan, Me, and John after a wonderful evening of music!

We're just a group of normal homeschoolers... why would you ask?

Heading back for the evening and enjoying the lights... obviously Eden was relishing in her Sopranoisms to not notice the poses...  ;)

"The purpose of homeschooling is to give our children the heart and mind of Jesus Christ."
~R.C. Sproul Jr.

Ken Ham really stressed how, in the debate with Bill Nye, he took the opportunity to share the gospel to everyone listening from all over the country.

A sea of socialized homeschoolers.  Can you imagine that combination?!

Some of the lovely S. family... with a photobombing L. daughter in the back.  ;)

The next day we were preparing for the chorale performance.
Mr. Craig is our amazing director!

No, you can't walk through this place without saying "hi" more than once!

Noah C. directs folks to the vendor hall!

The final chorale rehearsal.

Where are the guys going?!

The Sopranos.

The Tenors and Basses.
(Yes, the guys are always outnumbered.  It's a given.)

The Awesome Altos.
(What?!  It's true!)

Mr. Craig our amazing director.

Chris Rogers the chorale pianist.

After finish of our favorite conference, we hosted our annual Closing Conference Party.
This was the biggest one yet!

 We had some issues with our hotel and the location got changed to a different hotel... that was quite confusing, but everything worked out okay, praise the Lord!

 Food and fellowship.

The evening was a bit disastrous for Paul L...

Ah, there's a better one!

It was great seeing the S. family again who came all the way from Canada!

And lest you think that this picture was easy to get...
There was photobombing...

Serious changes in some short person's height (and more photobombing)...

And talking...

"You didn't think it would be this hard, did you?"

The next morning we said our goodbyes to all the delightful families we spent time with...
Obviously the girls cooperate when it comes time for pictures.  (Okay, I know that isn't always the case... but I thought I'd just try to see if you noticed.)

Final group photo!

 A silent top hat wanders the hotel streets...

 Waving at the little guys in the window!

 A Judah and Bethany selfie.

On the way home we saw this amazing double rainbow.  Sadly, I wasn't able to get a good picture of it, but this one turned out the best.

Well.  That was a very special weekend pack full of very special memories!  :)  I'm already looking forward to next year!

"O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together."  ~Psalm 34:3

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