Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spring Time on the Farm

Here's our most loveable goat, Hannah!!  Unfortunately she's also our goat that decides to go on fad diets~ so it looks like she will not be in milk this year. :(  

Omer~ one of Judah's favorite goat and also our loudest goat.  He'll only be here for a few more months before heading to his new home a few hours away.

Common items we seem to always need in stock....  actually these were for a first time mom doe that went into labor too early.  Thankfully after some pro-biotics and calcium drench~ she is doing great!
The pasture is always growing grass in abundance!  It looks so lovely this time of year!
This little tree near our driveway decided to bloom~ it looked lovely with all the flowers!

 This is the view I see when I mow~ doesn't our home and barn look so quaint way out there?


The Bowes Family said...

Wow, Shiloh, that is a ton of mowing!!! 0_O

Thanks for posting!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

This is just one of two pastures.... did you want to come help?

~Shiloh :)

Kyle Bowes said...

Sure! As long as there are free corndogs afterwards! ;0)