Thursday, March 12, 2015

Purim Party

 Elder Gary wearing his jester hat while giving the message from the book of Esther.

 Ready to cheer for Esther, yay for Mordecai, and boo for Haman.  I found that when Mordecai's name comes right after Haman, it's just easier to say "Booyah!"  ;)

Jordan up in the sound booth with Cecily. 

Judah dressed up as a guard and wore his kilt, and Benjamin dressed up as a knight!

Men protect the ladies!

 Eden and I did a duo costume.  She dressed up as the Mona Lisa and I dressed up as a French painter.  French because the Mona Lisa is owned by the French government (and maybe just because I had a better French costume).

 Lindsey is Haman's wife and Shiloh is Abigail.  And the cookie is Haman's hat.

 Attacking Haman!

So we started posing for some group pictures... and then the craziness began!

 Some very strange looking people joined our group...

 Gotta love that wig!

All the girls...

 And everyone who dressed up... (you couldn't be in the picture unless you had a costume!)

 All these crazy characters!

After all those giggles, we decided to burn off the cookies with some fun dancing!

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