Sunday, April 19, 2015

California Dreaming: Part 1

We ended up taking a rather spur-of-the-moment trip to California.  It was one of those trips that we needed to take, but only had a certain amount of time to squeeze in.  So when we had the opportunity, we jumped on it!

 This is the whole crew waking up (except the driver because the driver does not sleep while driving) after the first night on the road.

 Shiloh driving the Big Rig.

Those of us who were restrained from driving by regulations had the job of keeping the driver awake, alert, and happy while on the road.  And sometimes that means taking selfies... because selfies keep people awake, alert, and happy (as long as they turn out right).

Right around the corner from hitting our destination!

This is how the late nights looked from my bunk...

And this is how the late nights looked in my bunk... (Um, yeah, actually, this is the subdued picture.  Believe me, there was a lot of giggling that went on up there, and we were often told that we were being too loud.)
And yes, Eden insisted I sleep on the outside just in case she fell off.  

After a church service, we visited our old house!  So many special memories of growing up in the best place ever.


It was such a special treat to visit with the C. family... next-door neighbors and great friends!

 We spent a wonderful few days with my grandparents on my dad's side.

 The look on Eden's face should tell you that we actually didn't end up making the Olympic Team for ping-pong.  Grandma impressed us all with her ping-pong skills!

I just love this shirt on Judah!

 Judah and I hanging out on the beanbag seat.  
This is the coveted seat at my grandparent's house!

It's complicated.  Really.

We couldn't resist a picture with such an amusing sign!

Our final evening was spent dancing together, sharing stories, looking through photo albums, and even some techy iPhone stuff.

And we did our traditional game of hiding Love Notes all over the house for Grandpa and Grandma to find over the next couple of days... or weeks... or maybe months.  It all depends on how tricky the hiding place is!

 Aw!  I just love this family picture!

 This is how we roll.

 And one of us can catch wind.  ;)

Okay, Part 2 is coming when it comes (which will be as soon as I can)!

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Eden said...

Hey, I made you sleep on the outside in case I did my usual act of sleep walking... and after all that, I somehow manged to do just that.... :P