Sunday, December 14, 2008


We finally arrived at Grandma Smith's house at about 3:00 in the morning... We love going to Grandma Smith's home during Christmas time. It is so festive!
Here is Grandma with her two eldest daughters (out of six children)
Cindy, Grandma (Mom), & Laurie

When all six of the eight girl cousins were younger we all used to play a game based on the Biblical story about the Children of Israel and Pharaoh. As we haven't seen our cousins for over three years we decided to play our game of old (complete with dressing up). Sorry we missed you Gibson Girls!
Mother Shiloh with her sweet easygoing Baby Judah.

Mother Hope with her adorable (did we mention spoiled?) Baby Eden

Mother Bethany with her (well now taller then her) "Baby" Grace
Beware! Here comes Pharaoh's guard!
Hopey Dear- We LOVE the hat and the expression!

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