Sunday, December 14, 2008

Palm Desert Flight Museum

We went with Grandpa & Grandma Strang to the Palm Desert Air Museum! After looking at all the airplanes Jordan & Shiloh both had the exciting & challenging experience to try out the flight simulators. Both Jordan and Shiloh flew their planes safely to Wake Island, but when they flew into combat... well one of the planes crashed... Can you guess who was the pilot of the plane that went down? We've withheld the names to protect the innocence of the pilot. :)

Here is the plane that Grandpa Strang rode in during the Vietnam War!

Judah stands by the big wheel. Because he was so tiny in comparison to all the planes he really enjoyed walking under them... that is until his sister had to go under too to fetch him out! :-)

Here we all are with Daddy & Grandma & Grandpa by the plane that Grandpa rode in!
More war planes:

Grandpa Smith (Mommy's Daddy) flew a Douglas Dauntless Dive Bomber during WW2.

A model plane:

Shiloh & Judah on the wing.

All 5 of us by the B-25!

We enjoyed seeing all the planes and learning about the different ones that our Grandfathers flew and rode in during the wars.

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