Thursday, November 27, 2008

1620 or 2016?

Have you ever taken the time to realize how pampered your lifestyle really is? We’ve taken a few pilgrims out of the year 1620 and forwarded them ahead to the year 2016! How would you feel to be living as a pilgrim in this time??
In the year of our LORD 1620 A.D.

And Suddenly................

Welcome to 2016!

"Wow! I have a crystal clear mirror now!"
A Modern Day Pilgrim:

"Unbelievable! We can go to America by armchair traveling and it takes less time then the Mayflower did!"
"Come back! It's too hot in there!"

"Lightening speed paintings! And all through a little black box..."

"They really should of had this accommodation on the ship!'

"There's more room in the river... why this?"

"I never thought I'd live to see this day!'


"It's already winter in there!"

"Umm. What comes next?"

"What is this used for?"

"For some reason this looks a little intimidating...""It's ME!"

"So what does NASA mean???"
"Light from nowhere?"

"Ahh! That's so loud! It's worse then a canon!"

"Oh, my! Pre-cut nappies..."

"Too bright!"

"Please--I need a little help here..."

"Now I'll know when the Indians stop by!"

"Oh! If we only had this we could have controlled the temperature and not have lost so many fellow pilgrims!"

"Bottled Nursery Water? Wait until Mrs. Brewster hears..."

"A hole in the roof? For what?"

"I'd get cavities if I drank any of this stuff!"

Smell the Difference: "Sniff- What difference?"
"Uhh? Wait until the other Hopkins here about this!"


The Posers:

Shiloh, Bethany, Judah, Natalie, & Jordan.

Special Thanks to:

Mrs. Ashmore~ That was so fun!

So, Have you ever taken the time to realize how pampered your lifestyle really is?

We have much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving!


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