Thursday, November 20, 2008

Soap Tutorial

Last week the ladies in our house (and Judah) went over to the Smythe's home to learn how to make soap! Here are some pictures that our darling little De-De took... :)
The Supplies:
De-De and Judah test the soap aromas together...

Heating the Oils:

Bethany mixes the lye and yes she does have a real reason to look distressed... Lye is extremely toxic.

Shiloh uses the stick blender to mix the soft soap.

Finding out what oils are what in the container.

The Cold Process- looks like ice cream at this stage...

Adding in the red color. Special thanks to De-De for the "in action" shot.

Sisters Three: Shiloh, Eden, & Bethany with the Hot Process.

Bethany watches Shiloh as she separates the soap batch.

Afterwards... Two sets of Sisters
The Smythe Sisters & Strang Sisters

Laughing on the couch. What a great way to end the Soap Tutorial!!!!

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