Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday! Bethany Rose!

Happy 16th Birthday Bethany Rose!

16 Do You Remembers


1) Do you remember when the smoke alarm in our room had a low battery? It went off and we were on our way out the window when Mommy came in…

2) Do you remember the night in the summer when we had the window opened and outside we heard thumping? It ended up being a cat jumping from our roof to the neighbor’s roof. :)

3) Do you remember selling snails? Our friends actually bought the biggest two. :)

4) Do you remember riding Mickey the horse? He took us on a wild ride, but we hung on for dear life until it ended…

5) Do you remember singing The Star Spangled Banner together? We didn’t know the entire song so we would sing it half way and then hum the rest (It sounded so pretty).

6) Do you remember the Civil War audio we made? Our favorite part is when you and I sang a duet of: The Battle Hymn of the Republic

7) Do you remember what happened to the Cinnamon Roll at the High Tea we went to with Daddy? ;)

8) Do you remember when we went to the Mother, Daughter, and Auntie Retreat with Mommy and Auntie Kaggy? We stepped into all seven pools there just so we could say we went in them… :)

9) Do you remember when we went to the Mother/Daughter Retreat in the mountains? We prayed that it would snow and it did!

10) Do you remember how we used to pretend that our bikes were horses? We even had names for them!

11) Do you remember how we used to have ice-skating competitions (with our rollerblades)? We would wet down the patio with water and then our competitions would begin! :)

12) Do you remember the color coded map of the United States we had when we were really little? We all chose what states we wanted to move to (because we liked the certain color) when we grew up and got married… Your choice was New York! :)

13) Do you remember when we were supposed to played violin for church? We were supposed to play Away in a Manger, but we thought Mrs. G. would be announcing the piece before we started playing. Instead she jumped up and began singing! We immediately played. :)

14) Do you remember when you lit the candle sitting on our table? The match broke, flew onto a tissue which caught on fire, and my French test paper was used to extinguish the fire… :)

15) Do you remember when we all ate burnt yogurt for breakfast?

16) Do you remember sleeping outside 35°F degrees weather? All of the girls woke up at 6:00AM and talked until 7:00AM. It was fun, but it was cold too!

I love you Bethany! Happy Birthday and Thank you for the 16 years worth of lovely memories!


Bethany's 16th Birthday! from Ebenezer Forest Farm on Vimeo.

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~Shiloh for Ebenezer Forest Farm LLC


Strang Family said...

Thank you Shiloh for the post! I love you and I'm so glad that I've been able to spend 16 years with you! One more thing... in your 16 "Remembers” you should have said, “Remember when your sister tried to scare you with authentic (well, being that they were made by me, maybe not so authentic) coyote howls?” Unfortunately that did not turn out the way I hoped… better luck next time ha, ha, ha!

I love you,


Green Gardening Girl said...

Happy 16th Bethany. The 16 remembers were hilarious. As we (horrible friends that we are) are yet to mail your envelope we shall enclose birthday cards. Perhaps....


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hey Bethany!
Happy Birthday!
I can't believe you're 16-
Well, I love you and so does Jesus!
~Read: Psalm 199:33
Eden Laurel