Monday, November 9, 2009

Rerformation Day!

We celebrated Reformation Day this year complete with our traditional movie and "Martin Luther Cookies".
Enjoy these pictures!
Meet Martin Luther:
Getting ready to watch our movie. Jordan is armed with a blanket.
And the girls (with Judah)... ready to watch.

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Green Gardening Girl said...

Love the Martin Luther cookie!! What movie is your "traditional movie"?


Strang Family said...

Hi Jess,

Um the traditional movie was... "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". I know it doesn't have much of a Reformation theme to it, but we started that tradition before we had studied the Reformation. :)

On a side note... We lost power on Reformation day so we didn't get to see the Martin Luther movie we were going to see in the morning. Instead we listened to it on CD. It was really good and Blue Behemoth sells it:


Green Gardening Girl said...

Shiloh, I am in the middle of saving for cello right now and it is seeming to take forever but every night I pray for one because we got one of our violins for free from a friend and my violin is VERY nice and mommy found it very cheap of criagslist so I pray daily!!!
I will pray for you to get your harp!
P.S. Martin Luther is very funny!