Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Things I Learned Through Raising Turkeys

It's almost hard to imagine that the delicious looking meat you see in the picture was actually running around in our yard a few months ago!

One of my dreams was to raise my own turkey for Thanksgiving dinner... Finally around April 2009 I asked my Daddy if I could raise turkeys this year. He said yes!

Somethings I learned about turkeys were:

1) When they get mad at you they turn red.

2) They are excellent weed eaters.

3) They like to take baths in their drinking water.

4) They eat a TON of food & drink LOTS of water.

5) They die easily.

6) They are easy to catch (once you get them cornered).

7) Unlike roosters, toms are not mean.

8) They like to eat grass.

9) Turkeys and rainy days do not mix.

10) If they decide to... they may never do a "turkey gobble" (or at least mine never did)...

I loved raising turkeys and I hope to raise more and sell some next year!

Posted By: Shiloh

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

And that turkey taisted wonderful!!!!! Thanks for raising such yummy birds, Shiloh! I love you!