Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updates and Such...

Many apologizes for all the tech problems...  I believe that we finally have overcome that all and fixed everything.  :)

So....  to begin....  Once again we are entering Timberdoodle's Video Contest (many of you will remember our video from last year).  Well...  Here we are doing it again!  This year we decided to have a little more fun and include some updates (which I will paste below for those interested). 

One interesting fact is that last year our film took us three days from start to finish.  This year's film we finished in 24 hours and it was a tad longer too!

Is a little bit of information about this (coming soon to our blog) film:

-We filmed on four cameras: 2 Nikons, 1 Fuji, and 1 Exilm.
-We recorded everything separately.
-We finished all the filming in one day.
-Some of us enjoyed filming until 11:00 pm. We were very relieved we we finished!
-Everyone listened to every music sequence before the stanza we decided upon.
-Judah is absolutely adorable... but then you already know that!  Or... at least his big sister does!  :)

Here are the updates in order:

-WCP Video Update #1
-WCP Video Update #2
-WCP Video Update #3
-WCP Video Update #4
-WCP Video Update #5
-WCP Video Update #6


Stay tuned for more details, a trailer (ha!), and the actual movie.  :)


Candace said...

We love it!!!! Can't believe how much all of you kids have grown-up. It's such a blessing to watch all of you together. We miss you all so much.


Robert, Candace, Madison and Maxwell

Auntie Kaggy said...

Enjoyed watching ALL of these clips and can't wait for the real movie!


Auntie Kaggy

Ashmore Family said...

We watched all the updates now we just can't wait to see the final product!