Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WCP: Movie Release

It's here!!  Our movie is up and now you too can see it!  If you really like our movie, then please vote for us!

Here are a couple guidelines:

-All you have to do to vote is to leave a comment after our movie (on the page we will link to below).

-Only one vote per person is accepted, but each family member may vote separately (actually we would love it if you all vote separately- because it gives us more votes ;) - Just remember to leave each family vote in a separate comment).

-Now here's the prize for you!  When you vote...  You will receive a $5.00 Timberdoodle gift certificate-- quite a deal right?

-That's all!  Feel free to tell your friends, family, Facebook friends, bloggers, and anyone else about this!!

Now~ the link you've all been waiting for!!


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World Changing Productions

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Anonymous said...

Wow that was great! Strang family working together on a project is always encouraging family harmony. There humor is always refreshing and the advertising couldn't get any better!

Joshua Miller
Family Friend

Love you guys!