Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Hello? Hello?"

Who are you?!

If you remember this post from last year, than you have probably already guessed what this post will be about!  That's right!  Since it the first day of 2011, we are having our annual "Tell Us Who You Are" blog post.  So... tell us who you are!  We love hearing from all our blog readers from across the country and sometimes even the world!  Don't hesitate; now's your chance!  We are going onto our 4th Anniversary of having this blog.  That's exciting!  But what's even more exciting is to have been able to meet, re-meet, and to have so many followers!  But that's not all--we want to hear from you!  So please, leave a comment and tell us who you are! 

Have you been lurking?  Have you forgotten to leave us a comment?  Leave one now!  We are just waiting for your comment!
Thank you, Happy New Year, and God bless you!
Can you figure out who's who?
We are all waiting for your comment!

1 Samuel 1:8a "And he said unto me, Who art thou?
And I answered him..."

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Ebenezer Forest Farm ~ Shiloh :) said...


I'm your sister, Shiloh and I think you know where I'm from and how I found this blog-- infact I was here when it was started and it was part of my idea!! ;)

I love you,

Cochran Family said...

Happy New Year!!!! Many blessings to you all!!!!

-The Cochran's

Kait Palmer said...

You guys are too cute! I know you from your days living in So Cal. I had a poster of your mom doing a standing splits in my closet, and I remember when Shiloh and Bethany were born! That feels like so long ago!

Mikell said...

Wow! Four years of blogging! I am so glad that, four years ago, you made the wonderful decision to enter the blogging world! I have loved, and continue to love, all the posts you write; they are always very entertaining and delightful! I look forward to all the new exciting things to blog about that 2011 will bring, especially in regard to some very sweet children in Ethiopia! May God bless you guys heaps and heaps in this new year!
Ps. I love the pictures, and that rather youthful grad in Shiloh's arms looks very...knowledgeable.:)